Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ronaldo, Samba, Kiwi...and keropok...

Am not familiar with Portugal, but I know that Cristiano Ronaldo is the captain for the football team in World Cup this year...

n that's only b'cos he used to play for Manchester Utd, hehehe.

In yesterday's game it was a draw 0 - 0 when they played against Ivory Coast.

In the mean time, Brazilians surely are having a samba when their team won 2 - 1 vs North Korea.

In earlier game : Slovakia 1 - 1 New Zealand

"Robert Vittek's second-half header had given Slovakia the lead but Winston Reid headed home in the 94th minute for a dramatic injury-time leveller."(

I don't know about the Kiwis team, but I love Kiwifruit...hehehe..

Kiwi fruits contain a remarkable amount of Vitamin C, E and A.

Kiwi fruits have a high fiber content

The high content in dietary fiber helps improving diseases such as diabetes, by controlling sugar levels, and colon cancer, since fiber binds to toxic compounds in the colon and helps us expel them.

Fiber has also been proven to reduce cholesterol levels, improving the conditions of patients with cardiovascular diseases and lowering the probability of heart attacks.

Summary of Kiwifruit Health Benefits

Eating kiwi fruit is clearly a healthy choice, and it is particularly useful in these cases:

* Prevents Asthma
* Prevents wheezing and coughing, especially in children
* Protects our DNA from mutations
* Provides a healthy amount of antioxidants and vitamins
* Helps prevent colon cancer thanks to a high fiber content

So what's keropok (fish cracker) got to do with world cup? Nothing..its our snack for tonite, after all we just got back from KT yesterday...hehehe...


Latest in WC?

Chile 1 - Honduras 0

and Spain is currently playing against Switzerland,
with Switzerland leading 1 - 0 in mins 52
long way to go b4 final whistle.


  1. huhh..
    x suke bola..
    x suke kiwi..
    suke kopok!!!

  2. JK,

    kenalah belajar goreng keropok sendiri :-)

  3. yea.. and i had thought spain would win..

  4. Cheqna,
    Better snack on kiwifruits than on kerpok.... though as a cat, I prefer kerpok. Yummm.... har har har *evil laughs*

  5. Nitin,

    pity that after all those attacks, none worked for the Spaniards.

  6. Cats dear,

    I know u'd say that, but knowing ur mama, kiwis are more likely to be stocked up rather than d keropoks...

    pity u...hehehe


  7. Bebudak band yg girls smua sokong Brazil and the boys mostly sokong Germany.The girls told me cikgu jangan lupa tgok Brazil tau!!!..tapi cikgu tak tgok pun. Cikgu dah tua, cikgu perlukan tidur lebey sikit..

    Lama tak mkn keropok goreng tu..Semenjak maid balik endon dah sebulan lebey takde org goreng keropok. Smlm my daughter check stock dlam cabinet ada 6 packet yg stengah kilo tu!..Hari ni I yg kena belajar goreng keropok sendiri ...bole buat snack tgok bola ye..good idea..

  8. bola3, mane2 ade bola, nak tukar channel pun x le.. huhu
    lama x blik t'ganu mkn kopok... HUA ='(

  9. I love kiwi gold, much sweeter than the green ones. Normally I buy the green kiwi for my masak lemak cili padi, sedap...

  10. Cheqna,
    People told us that kerpok now contains lots of MSG. So, Mama says no more kerpok in the house. Would you adopt me, purrrrlease....? har har har *evil laughs*

  11. Waahhh...Cheqna bener gila bola neh...haha...
    asyiklah... watching WC while eating snack kropok n kiwi....

  12. TK,

    habiskan stock cepat2, ni lah masa nak clearkan cabinet tu..hehe

    tak makan masa WC ni pun , bawak belanja budak2 band tu..but most probably tak pandang pun..biase doh dengan kropok..haha

    btw, good luck with the band comp.


  13. Niza, mase mule2 je..lama2 boring juga, next week back to CSIs, NCIS, Numbers...and cartoon channels..

    balik jangan tak balik, lame2 lupe jalan..hehe


  14. I.a dear,

    didnt know that u can cook d kiwis, masak lemak pulak tu, we eat it as it is..

    n so far we prefer the green ones, unless the time when we bought the gold ones, they were not ripe enuf..hehe


  15. Cats dear,

    u have to change ur citizenship to.."Ganu Kite", then u'll have lots of it..hehe..


  16. hahaha..Nensa...

    so far can bear to join d fun in the first week, next week may be too much, we are going to miss normal series on TV...hehehe..


  17. walaaa weiiii dap nyer kopok tu ..akak cukup suka kopok cheqna tayang nie..sedap kan..kot ade laie simpan yooo

  18. wah! eh! akak pun ada result bola gak? akak minat bola gak ke? akak minat team ape? dan lagi 1 arghhh!!! sedapnyer keropok!!! kiwi pun sama.. thnkz kak kasi info...

  19. suka2 ur entri hehehe terutama bola+keropok ahahaha

  20. Kakasma,

    kita goreng keropok banyak2, bawak sotong kandar and chocolate cake, berkelah kat PD dgn TK...hehehe..


  21. Nick,

    hehe..masih mampu bertahan tgok chnnl 805 tu, lama2 back to 701, 702, 711, 615..

    haha..minta bonda lah yg gorengkan :-)

  22. Bie,

    if u r here i siapkan dengan cicah kicap cili..sambil tgok ur fav. team play..hehe..


  23. Ingat apalah negerinya cote d' Ivoire tu, ingat negara baru..last baru tahu rupa ivory coast rupanya. kiranya kali ni punya world cup banyak juga benda baru input untuk menambah khazanah data base otak. Baru kita tahu khasiat kiwi ni banyak rupanya. Pernah terjumpa pasal kiwi ni, tapi tak rajin nak baca sebelum ni. tk Cheqna utk input berguna ni. Burung kiwi dengan buah kiwi pulak ada kaitan ke, atau cuma kebetulan nama sama..

  24. Rad,

    hehe..bagus juga kan tambah2 ilmu sikit drpd bersorak aje dgn event apa2 pun.. :-)

    Kiwifruit asal namanya Chinese Gooseberry, when they brought it to NZ, ditukarkan ke satu nama local n dipilih Kiwi..i think bcos bentuk buah ni lebihkurang mcm Kiwi d animal..hehe.. (info from wikipedeia)




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