Monday 29 April 2013

Thinking of you : Balqees

Sometimes when I'm tired I'd think about happy things...and thinking of my younger nieces could always lower my stress level, make me forget my tiredness....,

and this was what I did earlier :-)

During last Eid her "Najwa Latif's tudung style"

This was her "acting" like she didn't want her photo taken...hehe..

Photo sent by her mum a couple of years back.

Playing kite at the beach

During our trip to Kinabalu Park in December 2012..with her new "pet".

Being playful ~ "sulking"

Playing games at her mum's phone...such concentration...

Yup..., feeling better now.


Tuesday 9 April 2013

Canopy walk @ FRIM Kepong.

Last weekend didn't do much activity, instead was glad to receive and welcome guests on Saturday and Sunday...been a while since guests were entertained at the house (was told that from my FB status they could see me being here and there most weekends..hehe..sorry)

So I'm sharing some photos taken few weekends back.

500m seemed further :-D

But finally...

That was "youknowho"

The above photo must be taken during this  :-) 

I was quite nervous during the walk..thou still managed to capture some photos

I really was not prepared for the walking and hiking...was puffing whilst others were chatting happily.. ;-)

And as the next day I couldn't resist joining the girls in my former school training volleyball, I was on medical leave for 2 days!...hahaha...


Friday 5 April 2013

Trip down under..

It's almost a year ago that my friends and I traveled south to Sydney, Australia (our first choice was Melbourne but we got cheaper tickets for Sydney..hehe..)

I'd been to Sydney once but many years before, so I didn't mind making a "repeat" trip. :-)

Been putting off postings for this trip but before I go for my next ( ehem ) destination I'd better update this one first.

See...almost reaching one year "anniversary"..ha ha..

Sorry to crop your picture "mate" :-D

Making our way in a taxi...the cab driver was friendly and funny...(thumbs up!)

To where we stayed during our short visit..(thank you to a dear friend who helped us on this.. ;-) )

Have few, errr hundreds of photos (not including from my friends' cameras) to share..will try to choose some in future postings :

The famous landmark of Sydney.

Another one..

and another..

We were at the zoo too...

Sleepy one..hehe..

and to few other places.

So till my next one...,

Good Dayyy Mate!


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