Thursday 31 May 2012

Of friends and...............crab?

Thankful for :

~ A dear friend for taking some time off her busy schedule to call and give me some advice.

"I took a break."

Mr. Google image

Anyway, praying that my friend will recover from her flu and get well real soon.

~ I have two friends in "whatsapp" (here) now..yea yea...

Mr. Google image

...hope my family will use it (and "Skype") soon so that I can save on my phone bills....hahaha..

~ Thirdly, for these.....had been craving for it for many many weeks...hehehe.

Fried in batter.

Fried crab, tofu and tomato/cucumber, with soy flavoured chilli sauce.

Top with tea, with mint leaves and honey whilst updating this blog.


Wednesday 30 May 2012

Treating others.

Sometimes I'd get the ideas for blogging from FB. Tonight I found one quote that I like :

Lets strive to be a better person, treating and respecting others like what we wish others to treat us ~ good and with respect as well.

Photo from Keukenhof's collection :-)


Tuesday 29 May 2012

Durian oh durian...

After 3 days of rest, I started again on the "run for fun" after work today. But I've learned my lesson..didn't push myself too hard.

The one hour :

First 15 minutes for warming up.

Followed by 15 minutes of walking ~ slow and fast.

As usual stopped for view :-)

Next 15 minutes, alternate jogging/walking ~ but the longest I could jog was 3 minutes at a time..haha..

Another one :-)

After that, 10 minutes of relaxing walk and I ended up near the parking lot.

Last 5 minutes, had this in the car :

Couldn't help myself, this fruit rojak looked tempting..haha..

Not as tired as last night, but going to rest earlier..and no coffee tonight for me..and yes, as one blogger friend said..I need rest, not coffee (Thanks Thomas!)


Mr. Google image

Anyway, what's with the durian title post? Whilst I was out for lunch today saw packets of durian being sold at a stall and I was quite tempted to buy.

Mr Google image

Passed by the stall twice but decided not to buy yet, later in the week may be..but earlier tonight the smell of durian dessert being cooked by a neighbour "sneaked" into my house...waaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verrry tempting...,


Monday 28 May 2012

What I need now..

So cute..found it @ FB

Before 9pm and I'm already feeling tired after the bowling practice with friends (today's scores were like yo-yo ~ up and down..hehe)....but I long for a cup of coffee...thou don't think if I should, in case I'd find it hard to go to sleep later...

Highest score that I managed today ~ 143, the rest (played 6 games!) between 103 to 129

Mmmmm...on second thought...I'll just post this short entry. Not going to deprive myself on coffee and will have one after all!


Sunday 27 May 2012

Saturday 26 May 2012


Too many means of communication these days that I'm a bit slow in catching up..if last time its just normal chatting over the phone, keeping in touch with sms, mms and emails, craze nowadays is the facebook ~ don't say its something else now, I'm just getting used to it..haha..

I'm quite aware of others, tried some before and didn't want to bother myself..hehe..but today somehow I got "hooked" on these when I went to see some friends :-)

Others have used it for many years..hehehe..

I have requested my family at kampung to sign up as well so that we could communicate this way..better to see them..hehe..

So far I have only one friend :-)

I actually had forgotten that my tablet used a different phone wonder one friend didn't answer my Skype call or noticed my existence in whatsapp when I tried this afternoon...I haven't add many people in my contact book..haha

Well, I'll get into this soon..but what's this about "instagram"???

I've signed up but don't know what its all about....hahaha

[Note : Didn't run for fun today, decided to rest..over did a bit when I actually have just started jogging a week ago..hope I'll feel better tomorrow..aminnn..]


Friday 25 May 2012

*Train not strain*

O, O.. Is it normal or its just me? My lower legs have started to feel the strain and pain. Have I pushed too hard since I started last week?

Yesterday I thought it was due to my fasting so I stopped after half an hour instead of normal one hour, but today after twenty minutes of brisk walking and jogging, I mostly walked leisurely till the one hour mark.

So earlier tonight I checked online for info. Apart from the medical info I found interesting articles for beginners in running..hehe..


How to start running with 10 easy steps

Excerpt from an article by Cynthia Hayward (Link Here)

1. Invest in a good pair of running shoes. (Yes I did! )

2. Walk before you run! For the first four weeks you should have a 5-15 minute warm-up walk before breaking into a trot, followed by a warm-down stroll. (I can't afford four weeks for this step, by then the run for fun would be over..haha..)

3. Make sure you run/walk at least three times a week. (So far yes..almost daily training)

4. Don’t run two days in a row for the first two months. Give your muscles and tendons a chance to adapt to running. (Two months?..the run would be over in a few weeks time..mmmm..)

5. Run for time, not distance. (Have yet to reach 10 minutes continuous running/jogging..hehe)

6. Avoid drastic increases in time on your feet. (Started with one hour so mostly sticking to it :-D)

7. Avoid copying top athletes! (Who? Usain Bolt?)

8. Be patient! Don’t be in a hurry to enter road races, etc., no matter how much your friends pressurise you. Wait until you can run at least 30 minutes without resting before lining up for that first 5km fun run. (Oopss..I'd already committed to run the 5km for fun)

9. Find a like-minded friend to run with. ( the moment I prefer to run on my own, not going to huff and puff in front of others ..haha)

10. Enjoy your running! (So far I have..looking forward to 5pm so that I could change into my running attire..hehe)


And the pain? Gradually easing by now, so if after the exercise this evening I felt like taking a break, I think I'd go tomorrow..hehe..


Thursday 24 May 2012

My albums

[...for the photos, not of the singing or music kind, I can't sing..hehehe.]

From Mr. Google

My mother has been saying few times that she wants to see the photos that we'd taken. For many years now we haven't bothered to send them for printing, rather we keep the copies in the computer/hard disk, CDs, pen drives etc.

Previous weekend whilst at "kampung", I took out some old albums from the store room. Had a good chuckled now and then seeing all the old photos of our family..and I showed them to my mum.

From Mr. Google

Seeing how happy she was in looking through some albums, I promised myself that I would try to print some ~ nowadays there are lots to choose from due to my current craze...haha. Well... at least I'd print the photos that involved the family especially during the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations.

Anyway..since I came back I've done some printing myself..starting with the photos of my recent trip.

Had a good laugh reminiscing while printing far have printed about 120 photos..haha..and have yet to finish as I'm still waiting for some other photos that my friends have before I can arrange them in the album.

Doing this current project reminds me of another set of photos that I have yet to slot into the album. The trip was in 2007, printed a year later but forgot to do anything further..haha..I'm sure my sister who went with me and some other friends of ours would like to see it too.


Wednesday 23 May 2012


From my mother's front yard last week...used my hand phone and edited it.

Slightly wordless tonight..tired after the jogging this evening, thou I'm happy with the progress ~ could run longer time..hehe..


Tuesday 22 May 2012

Scented candles

I don't really go into this....the few that I got as gifts remain unused....even the ones that I bought years ago(when I thought I liked the idea of having them around) are somewhere in the house.....hehe..

Recently after the "kidnapped for breakfast" time (here), my friend and I went window shopping.... but then she said she wanted to buy some candles.

So whilst she was surveying, I did my usual hobby :-D

There were lots of different kind of candles and its holders..some caught my eyes..but I only managed to capture a few before my friend said she'd done choosing hers..hehe..


Are scented candles bad for you?

They can add a hint of romance to a meal or make taking a bath a real luxury.

But scented candles can be bad for your health, say scientists.

The smoke produced by many of them is laced with toxins linked to cancer, asthma and eczema.

The odd candle is unlikely to do any harm, but we should avoid using them day after day in bathrooms and other poorly ventilated rooms, say the researchers.

Read more: (here)


mmm...and I just bought one for exchanged of gift session during our recent reunion. Hope it doesn't harm my friend or her family...

[Note : Couldn't run today as it was raining when I left the office, so I cycled indoor instead for one hour, non-stop at a steady pace (i.e speed no 1..hehe..) ]


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