Saturday, 26 May 2012


Too many means of communication these days that I'm a bit slow in catching up..if last time its just normal chatting over the phone, keeping in touch with sms, mms and emails, craze nowadays is the facebook ~ don't say its something else now, I'm just getting used to it..haha..

I'm quite aware of others, tried some before and didn't want to bother myself..hehe..but today somehow I got "hooked" on these when I went to see some friends :-)

Others have used it for many years..hehehe..

I have requested my family at kampung to sign up as well so that we could communicate this way..better to see them..hehe..

So far I have only one friend :-)

I actually had forgotten that my tablet used a different phone wonder one friend didn't answer my Skype call or noticed my existence in whatsapp when I tried this afternoon...I haven't add many people in my contact book..haha

Well, I'll get into this soon..but what's this about "instagram"???

I've signed up but don't know what its all about....hahaha

[Note : Didn't run for fun today, decided to rest..over did a bit when I actually have just started jogging a week ago..hope I'll feel better tomorrow..aminnn..]



thomas said...

With too many applications,normal life will some what be lost.

roffe said...

Skype is great. I can talk and see my son in the US for free. You don't have to run every day..

midonz said...

handphone is better... :)


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