Tuesday 31 August 2010


KUALA LUMPUR (BERNAMA): It was a sight to behold, a sound to reckon with and a moment to cherish as intense patriotic spirit rose into the air and hung there as thousands of people joined the national leaders for the 53rd National Day celebration at the Putra Stadium indoor arena in Bukit Jalil, here.

The celebration, themed "1Malaysia Transforming the Nation", the first to be held indoor, was marked by colourful performances, a 14-gun salute, reading of pledge and awe-inspiring displays of grit and courage by the country's security forces.

Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah arrived at the venue at 8am to the sound of trumpets and thunderous applause from the 10,000 people at the stadium.

Present were Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and wife Puan Sri Norainee Abdul Rahman, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and cabinet ministers, donning the specially-crafted 1Malaysia batik.

All in all, the celebration, held indoor as a mark of respect for the Ramadan month, involved 8,727 contingent members from departments and institutes under the Education Ministry, security forces personnel, staff of government agencies and departments as well as from the private sector.

Read more : A blaze of glory at 53rd national day celebration(nst online)



"Semoga negara Malaysia dan rakyatnya dilindungi Allah SWT daripada bala .."


I watched this morning's celebration on TV, n I enjoyed it..wishing I was there, reminiscing the times I took part during my school days, practicing and marching in the sun....

My favourite part during any Merdeka celebrations has always been on the police's and army's segments, well..what else, my father was a former policeman after all..hehe.


Thursday 26 August 2010

Recent * wish lists *

My sister called me yesterday to ask whether I'd be interested to buy a breadmaker, b'cos she knew of my attempts to make bread (here) few weeks back..hehe.

I was online at that time so quickly googled for it and found this video...mmm..quite interesting :-)

Bread Making with a Machine

tempted? yes..may be should start saving for it..hehe..

but before that, here's another item that I'm interested in at d moment..

[ A camcorder ~ something like this, nice eh? :-) ]

mmm..which gadget? have to give some thots on "my priority" ~ for food or memories ...???


And little note on the food "news" :

I made this Kuih Gulung/Ketayap (@ thin pancake rolled/filled with sweetened coconut) the other day :

but I was tired and was in hurry to finish the mixture, so I added some baking powder and soda bicarbonate to it...and it became...




Tuesday 24 August 2010

Best Wan's : Mee Rebus

I was relaxing and watching TV on Saturday and caught Chef Wan's (arguably Malaysia's well known chef) show on AFC and he was making the following dish.

From the AFC web :

Mee Rebus

"Chef Wan prepares the ‘Wan’ family recipe for Mee Rebus. Chef Wan has been cooking this delicious recipe since he was a young boy helping out at the family food stall and he shares the secrets to this, Wan’s favourite dish."

It looked yummy and so on Sunday, based on what I'd seen in his video, I tried to make it..

but whilst it was simmering, I switched on my laptop just to make sure that I made it the right way...

mmm...almost, almost...

I forgot the soy bean paste (a.k.a taucu)! Luckily could buy it from the little shop nearby...hehehe..

and here it is :

Not bad for a first attempt, with not enough garnishing ingredients.

But will need to improve on my next attempt as when mak got to know about this, she asked me to make it for her during my next trip back...

she has such confidence in me...



Sunday 22 August 2010

Awards : better late then never (update 23/8/10)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the awards and tags given over the period..

Sorry for not mentioning your names or blogs here (got some of the awards few times) but you know who you are, I really appreciate it...

(and I may have forgotten to save some)

but its such nice thots, so sweet, so cute...

and so on...









This following 4 are from Nick Irfan (tq dik!), luckily he forgot the questions that were supposed to come with the awards, then I don't have to put it here as well...

but just in case he decides to look for the questions, I still will not answer it...hehehe...


"Kuat makan (love to eat)!"..hahaha..


Its a wonderful world of blogosphere...

Hope we all can continue to share this friendship.

[update 23/08/10, 12.15pm ~ to my fellow bloggers, I'm not choosing one above the others as recipients of the awards, u are special in your own way, so feel free to choose whichever (or all) that u like, consider it from me...and don't worry, no test here i.e no questions to be answered, haha]

and since I already have the award for my love of food.. :-)

I had this "Arayes chicken" when we had lunch at a Lebanese restaurant before Ramadan, simple and I love it!

so today, I made this for our "buka puasa".


Tuesday 17 August 2010

Bazaars and buffets in Ramadan.

Into 7th day of Ramadan today, and I've been quite busy/tired to update (or read other blogs - sorry!)..

We have yet to go to any bazaar Ramadan...I'm sure there are lots of food being sold and the "excitement" of buyers and sellers are different during this month,


(Photos taken from google search)


..but I actually prefer to cook the dishes for berbuka and sahur, just simple recipes which I can make within one hour or so..hehe..

(Fried mee/noodle)

(assam pedas fish)

Apart from the bazaar, the hotels have been busy promoting their Ramadan buffets...but they are now getting very expensive, with their claims of so many spreads at the buffets,

..but how much can you eat within certain hours?...mmm..

Am not saying that we shouldn't, had been to few last few years. It's up to each individual, as some had said, "if they can afford it, why not?"...

Anyway, talking about buffet...here's our very own buffet spread ~ home-cooked ~ yesterday...

(Spring roll @ Popia - made for a second time after the day before..hehe..)

(Chicken rendang - I'd been anticipating of making this since noon..haha..)

(Lamb chop - had to put this in d oven before its "expiry date")

[Mixed salad ~ to compliment the lamb dish..but the avocado was a bit hard..not good for someone just getting over the toothache.. :-) ]

(Zam-Zam water and coffee)

a lot eh? hehehe..

Have had sardine rolls, curry puffs and spring rolls etc for the past few days...thinking of making "kuih ketayap" (thin layer of pancake filled with sweetened coconut) later this evening..hehe..

(Photo taken from google search)

Selamat berpuasa and berbuka!

[Note : my "takziah"/condolences to the families of traders at bazaar Ramadan who lost their lives or injured during the strong winds that blew off their tents on Friday]

From theStar online:

JASIN: Two traders at the Jasin Ramadan bazaar were killed and two others seriously injured by flying debris during a freak storm that hit the area.

The dead were identified as Abdul Omar, 71, and Mahadi Mohamad, in his 40s.

One trader is in a coma and was admitted to the Malacca Hospital while another seriously hurt had been sent to Putra Hospital.

The incident happened at 5pm when some 30 traders were about to set up their stalls at the bazaar for the buka puasa crowd next to the Jasin Sports complex.

(Picking up the pieces: Traders salvaging what they can of their stalls after strong winds hit the Jasin Bazaar Ramadan next to the Jasin Stadium complex Friday evening.)

Been a while since I joined "Virtual Run" (VR), and with long MCO - Movement Control Order (and no interest from family members..h...