Saturday 4 July 2009

"Bidan Terjun"

a simple Malay saying meaning someone who is asked/dragged/plunged to do a job/task that needs to be done immediately...(direct translation ~ "mid-wife jump"...hehehehe..)

I became one during the school holidays last month - during the wedding reception of my eldest sister's youngest son...just a small ceremony ~ welcoming the bride to the family.

As the food was prepared by the caterer, nothing much to do at her house, just some small tasks.

(thank you "gifts" ~ the children enjoying themselves putting sweets and boiled eggs in the small boxes...but I guess they enjoyed the free flows of sweets and eggs more! :-) )

The reception was on Saturday, and on Friday my sister asked me to help "tidy up" the groom's bedroom... using whatever my sister had, here's the result of a "bidan terjun" job!

and one nephew asked me how long I'd taken the time to plan of the theme...hehehe...

8am on Saturday morning, we went to finish up the small details, my sister asked if I could adjust some space to put two chairs in the room...and by 10am, this was what I ended up with.

Imagine me climbing the chair to nail and hang the "old curtains" on the wall!..hahaa...

mmm...may be if I resign from current job, I could be a wedding planner?...hehehee...


alien said...

maybe u should
as part time

Cheqna said...

hehe alien...,

may be i would some day :)

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