Monday 23 July 2012

System down.

My personal health system that is.

I guess with all the tourist dos in KL, touring overseas, my back-and-forth trips back to my kampung K.Terengganu..on top of the trainings for both the 5-km fun run and bowling, my good health finally took its toll..(but just nice after the bowling tournament..hehe..)

Feeling much better on the viral fever thou my cough is slightly worse since this morning..have to make sure I control my food intake during break fast later..and to finish the cough syrup given last week..,

or may be I should just take pure honey before sleep tonight.

Anyway...on a happier note, was glad that the weekly trainings on bowling paid-off. Even thou I had "stage fright" when the actual tournament came (hahaha)...was elated that our team managed to be the 2nd runner up (Third from 21 teams..not bad eh?)

and I was placed 12th overall from 84 players! Even I was surprised..hehehe..

but lucky me, I didn't have to represent the Alumni in inter-Alumni as only the top 10 bowlers were chosen...huh..if I'd done better in my second game I'd be somewhere there...things happened for good reason ! :-D

Didn't take many pictures as I was nervous that day..and the few I'd taken didn't turn up well too..photographer mode was out...haha..

Most importantly thou, I had fun with my friends as usual.

But now I suppose its time to revert back to my normal slow and steady pace and relax (but I'm looking forward to the trip home for eid-ul-fitr with family...and trip with good friends after that!)


Thursday 19 July 2012

TLC : Much needed rest.

Have yet to recover fully from what the doctor said was the viral fever.

It started early morning last week, the morning that I'd geared myself to go for the "senamrobik" event at my former school. But I went to work though a bit late, and suffered minor headache, muscle aches and joint pain the whole day, and my eyes strained.

Into the fourth day, Friday morning and I finally went to see the doctor...and with a sore throat, a slightly at the border BP rate (but no fever), the doctor said I need to take antibiotics and some medications for the aches (and "NO", she didn't need to take blood sample as its not dengue as I indicated - hehehe..).

Today I have finished most medicines, but still need to take the cough syrup...hope I'll get well soon.

Anyway, the Ramadhan month is here..wishing my family, my muslim friends and blog readers Ramadhan Kareem..may we be blessed with good health and stronger faith to be better persons..amiin.

Happy fasting and lets take this given chance to do Taraweeh prayers. (here)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Friday 6 July 2012

Early July

[11/7/12 ~ Thank you for the well-wishes and comments on previous posts ..Miss my active blogging days but for the time being will try to update and visiting your blogs, whenever I can  :-) ]


29th. June to 2nd July ~ was in my kampung, went back for a short weekend, a scheduled one before the coming month of Ramadhan.

1st July ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY FARAHEEN...May Allah SWT bless you..all the best wishes for you, for your happiness and successful life. Lots and lots of love from me.

Simple "eating time" with family that night,

with our two mysterious little guests...hehehe..


On the 2nd, we brought mum for check-up at the specialist hospital where she had a blood test, ECG etc that day. When my sisters took her back to the hospital yesterday, the results were fairly good..Alhamdulillah.

May she continues to be in good health and be surrounded with love always.


Been a while since I joined "Virtual Run" (VR), and with long MCO - Movement Control Order (and no interest from family members..h...