Friday 30 December 2011

Resting @ KT...

I almost missed the flight yesterday, but Alhamdulillah am now safely in the family's nest..hehe..

By today I've recovered mostly, but still coughing..but as promised we went for hi-tea at mum's favourite place. This once in a while family's special day out was :

1 - For my bro-in law's birthday that fell on the 25th,

2 - Nazeem, for getting a good result recently,

3 - and especially for my dearest sister...we'd said that once she recovered from the illness that she suffered few months back, we would have the hi-tea...she's now almost back to normal, even the doctors who treated her were surprised...Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, the photos for our day out :

My first menu ~ "rojak mee" (salad)

Cold salad

Special ABC for my mum from the chef, who said she reminded him of his own mum :-)

Batrisyia said "masterchef" and took this photo before I could eat it..hehe

Batrisyia took this...

...and this :-)

Had to finish this "roti jala" as the rest had stopped..I was busy attending to mum...and taking pictures...

..and jesting with the kids.. hehe..

My 7 years old niece who took some of the photos here :-)

Balqees, another budding photographer :-)

And tonight whilst watching the final of "Maharaja Lawak Mega", we had this that I'd made earlier...

Cheesecake ~ I seriously need to start dieting again..ha ha..

Anyway, we enjoyed the final..congrats to "Osbon"...and we liked "Boboi" too (their "Datin Maimun" sketch was quite hillarious!) ~ they were both entertaining and deserved the win.


Tuesday 27 December 2011

Cruising in Putrajaya...

Not updating here due to not feeling very well since middle of last week, and by Friday had to see a doctor and took a half day off from work to recover.

So that Friday I had not really looked forward to a long weekend of being "not-so-well", and in fact was very tempted to just book a ticket and go back to my hometown..,

..but I didn't and was blessed and thankful instead for family and good friends who spent some of their times with me and that cheered me a lot.

By today I'm getting better ~ very much better,..Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, when on Saturday some family members wanted to go to Putrajaya, I was okay with the idea, hoping the "cuti-cuti Malaysia" would hasten my recovery..and when they suggested going for the cruise at the lake I didn't mind as I'd never taken the ride before.

Ticket counter, we had to take the evening cruise, for a one-hour ride (but I felt it was shorter.)

Wanted to ride this "Dondang Sayang" boat but the weather was not permissible to do so.

The 3 kids who couldn't wait for the cruise :-)

Though I was tired, I enjoyed the cruise where we toured some parts of Putrajaya.

Putra Mosque

The Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, ( or Iron Mosque)

Some Ministry Buildings

Putrajaya International Convention Centre (Link - here - )

Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana (Perdana Leadership Foundation) - link (here)

and few others :

Thank you dears for the trip.. :-)

Sunday & Monday :

Thanking good friends of mine @LV for the "homestay", and the trip to Bagan was an unforgettable journey and long wait for dinner. :-)

and Chom for inviting me for a feast of "durian pulut", thou I couldnt eat much due to the medication that I had to take later that night.

May you all be blessed by Allah SWT for your good deeds.

Note : Praying for a dear friend of mine who is now in Mekah, performing Umrah with her family (her first time of being there)..and wishing for a wonderful and blessed journey for them all.


Thursday 22 December 2011

Today's good news at 10.11 am

Alhamdulillah...received a call from Nazeem to say that he scored 8As in his PMR examination. Feeling thankful and proud of his achievement (and at the same time relieved more tight feeling of the past few days whilst waiting for the result to came out), I cried with him..hehehe..

Nazeem, the nephew ~ our family prays for your successful future.

I was informed that his closest friends that I'd got to know since they were in Form One got straight 8As too..and in total from his batch of 109 students, 98 of them got that as well. Their families and school must be proud of all of them.

The 4 friends who scored 8As @ pizza hut in "Kuale"

n them too ~ Ezat and Amir

Next target is to do well in their SPM in 2 years time...we pray for their successful future, in life and hereafter...amiin.

Congratulations to all his friends!

It was worth the journey that we made in October (my "Away from home" post here) to give him the support before his exam.

And congratulations to the "sisters" of my former school..145 out of 163 obtained straight 8A's...Alhamdulillah..Congrats to the teachers too for their hard work.

[Note : wahhh...MCKK got a better result than SSP...hehe..]


Wednesday 21 December 2011

4) Zaanse Schans

23rd. April, 2011 ~ We were taken to Zaanse Schans, one of the popular tourist attractions and it has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses.

Slightly wordless... hehe.


Monday 19 December 2011

Meanwhile, back in Kay Ell...

A break from the Netherlands' trip for a bit of current update, but part 4 will be posted later :-)

Anyway, on Saturday I spent a little bit of time at Pusat Islam KL, supporting a program done by a good friend under one NGO organisation, Muslim Aid (their website here) :

Schooling aids for the orphans and the poor organised by Muslim Aid.

Photo session with the kids

Cheeky boy.. :-)

On pre-launcing the "Halal" directory

Refreshment time

May they be blessed for all their good deeds, and the kids grow up to be successful persons, now and hereafter...amiin.


As the above program started at 2pm, I went to the National Mosque for the Zuhr prayer first.

Finding that I had some time after that, I became part of the tourists of the Mosque..

Masjid Negara (National Mosque) - portal here

It contains a prayer hall measuring 22,500 square feet, conference hall, interment, library, office, courtyard, towers, rooms and a room of the royal priest.

Makam Pahlawan (Interment to seven national heroes) is located in the west...Al-Fatihah

[Note : After the program, one girl (a volunteer for the event) came over and asked if I was a reporter representing any media...hehe..with the camera always hanging, I guess I looked like one..even thou I was wearing a Jubah (long dress) then.. ;-))) ]

Been a while since I joined "Virtual Run" (VR), and with long MCO - Movement Control Order (and no interest from family members..h...