Friday 27 November 2009

All d way to Amsterdam....

Thinking of you...on your birthday... :-)

Semoga sentiasa di dalam rahmat dan redha Allah SWT...and may Allah SWT grant your every wishes...amiiin..

Thank you for being a very good friend of mine..its such a blessing.

miss having u on this part of the world ~ to chat n meet like we used to...

do come back soon...hehehe..

Thursday 26 November 2009

Eid Al-Adha

Assalamualaikum to my family n muslim friends...Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha...may the blessings of Allah SWT be with you all...always...

~ Wonderful journey of a lifetime ~


Tuesday 24 November 2009

Looking forward...

to a short break n leaving for kampung for the "Aidil Adha" tomorrow morning...but i guess Nazeem is more excited...he's counting the hours... In fact this morning he said that he'd stay up tonite till 4.30 till we leave for d airport..hehehe...

The other day after we got back from office [he has been my "P.A" since last week.. :-) ], I offered to make a video call to his sisters..but he said, "its ok Che Na..."

...but later when he fell asleep in front of the tv, he looked so sad n i could see a tell tale sign of tears...mmm..he must have really misses his family...

~photo taken from his mum's blog~

Sunday 22 November 2009

At long last..

I've kept on wishing that i had one in my kitchen every time i watched chefs on food channel used their food processors.. that I told my frens that if they had plan to give me gifts, please get me one of those...he he he...

...but finally I found a simple one whilst out shopping on Saturday, and it was on sale :-)

ta daa!!!

..d first recipe that I tried that evening was beef burger/nugget...

n my simple recipe :

~ minced beef
~ bread crumbs
~ egg
~ carrot
~ onion
~ red chilies
~ spring onion and celery leaves
~ salt and pepper

.my nephew's verdict?..."sedap (good)..."..hehe..

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Late posting

...but its my sister's (Che Pah) n Nazeem's birthdays today...

May they always be happy n contented, blessed by Allah SWT..amiin..

~photo taken during 1st Syawal~

Bought Nazeem "nasi lemak" for breakfast... :-)

...sorry, no cake..that was all he got for his 13th birthday morning treat from this aunty...hehehe..

but when i mmsed the photo to Che Pah, she replied that all she got was banana fritters...hehehe..

Tonite for the first time, I made "beef stew", but as usual...did it my own way...just based on what I could remember from the AFC channel...hehehe...

~ the stew and the bread ~

i guess it was not too bad... 3/4 of the pot gone by the time we finished our dinner...and the McD that i ordered "just in case" it didnt turn out well were left for supper...hehehe...

but i'll search for the actual recipe one day


Saturday 14 November 2009

A beginning of a long holiday...

hehehe...sadly its not for me...
but for my nephew, Nazeem and his friends at MCKK..
they are allowed to go back a week earlier than the official year end school hols.

So today, on behalf of his parents,
we went to "Kuale" to fetch him and bring him back to K.L
before we go back for Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

~Nazeem at the compound of his "old" hostel,
next year he'd be staying at the main hostel~ school year there has passed, and he's still 12++ ...his 13th birthday is coming soon. :-)

On the way back, it rained heavily from Tapah that sometimes we had to use the "hazzard light" (this term i had to confirm with Nazeem ~ he's more an "expert" on motoring, been reading auto mag since he was small..hehehe..)

Alhamdulillah we reached home about 6pm. n tonite in "honour" of him, i cooked his fav. dish.

~meehoon soup~

His mum would always make for him what we fondly call mee sup "bodo" (trans ~"stupid" mee soup ~ i.e very basic chicken soup with mee, haha..), but of course, as I told Nazeem, my version tonite was slightly "clever" ~ i added some veggies..hehehe...

ok, signing off..need to rest, tomorrow another day of outing.

Tuesday 10 November 2009

My Mother, My Paradise

Its mak's "official birthday" today...

[ the date was actually chosen when arwah ayah retired from police force and had to change his police's i.c to public's and since mak didnt have hers at the time, she chose today's date as it's actually our parents official birthday... :-) ]

"O Allah! Forgive me my sins, and the sins of my parents, have mercy on them both as they have looked after me when I was little".

I can never repay my mother for what she has done for me, but I can at least try to please her and ask Allah to repay them for me. My mother is indeed a great blessing from Allah SWT.


The prophet (pbuh) was once asked by a companion: "O messenger of Allah! Are there any deeds that I could do to be of service to my parents after they have passed away?"

The prophet (pbuh), replied: "Yes there are: you should supplicate for them and ask Allah to forgive them; you should carry out (fulfill) their promises; you should maintain good relations with your relatives ; and you should honour their friends."

(Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibban)



Sharifah Aini ~ Mawar Putih Untuk Mama
(White Roses For Mother)


My Mother, My Paradise
(by Jaihoon)

She served me until this day
Her love the sun, mine a ray

She lost sleep for me to dream
She left food, for me to be fed


Of mind and body she suffered
Her love grew as me she carried

I kicked at her bosom when an infant
Yet she fondled me without being hesitant

She inspired my legs and taught me to walk
All the words I pronounced listening to her talk


'Hasbi Rabbi' she sang in my ears, (such that)-
'Noor Muhammad' shone all these years
(sallallahu alaihi wa sallam)

All my acts of worship are but under her feet
Not two-
But three worlds I need to show her respect

If this son were to enter paradise
The warmth of her feet would be the cause

Her prayers for me are sincere than my own
She bore all the pain to see me so far grown

The pleasure of my Lord
Is in doing to her good

Even as I laid in her womb
Or be buried in the tomb-

(El Branden)

She will continue to pour love
And pray for me forever…

If His Mercy is the entrance-
She is the key to my paradise!



Today is just an excuse to wish u "officially" but InsyaAllah,
I'll always love u,
and pray for your happiness,

May the blessings of Allah SWT be with u always.

(Nikita Hengbo)

Sunday 8 November 2009

Three mornings...



when i texted Ayu the nite before, inviting her to join me for meal on Friday on her way back to Kuantan, she asked me instead to join her at the hotel...i said why not since I'd be around that area that morning.

So by 7.15am i was already in front of Vistana Hotel to meet up with her for early morning breakfast..

we had a good time, good laugh, good food ~ luckily i already informed my boss that i'd be a little late..hehehe...

~Vistana Restaurant~



Woke up at about get ready for an early morning ride to KLIA. Booked a taxi with the usual driver to leave at 4.30am...

~K.L's taxi~

and by 6.30am, after the Fajr prayer and checked-in at the MAS counter, we already sat down for breakfast, waiting for our 8.40 flight.

~K.L Internationali Airport~

Alhamdulillah...reached K.T about 9.30am ~ our hand luggage filled with 7 small packets of peanuts given by the crew [ the flight was not full :-) ] ~ mum, Nor and her kids were waiting for us at the airport.



About 7am I was alone in the kitchen, happily cooking my current fav. " nasi goreng" ~ fried rice with fried anchovies ~ for breakfast when i was "interupted"...


..a little while later Batrisyia came asking me why did i scream? sis who was nearby doing her ironing said, "as usual...(she saw) cockroach". late father used to laugh when i jumped or screamed or left the house chores partly done b'cos of it.

(mmm...actually wanted to add a picture of one but couldnt go thru with choosing it..haha..)



Thursday 5 November 2009

My My My....

When Nor texted me yesterday the new number, I was relieved b'cos finally its registered.

...but after "announcing it to the world"(as what i told her..hahaha..)...she sent me another text..oops there was a little mistake...huh..luckily it was only on the number...hehehe.. :-)

and this evening, she sent me these....

photos of My.. new car.

I read somewhere that some owners named their pride but we've never done it...

mmmm...may be it will simply be known as My..

~ Pearl (White) ~

My.. hope is that it will be a good "fren" for me :-)

...ehem ehem...
~ Faraheen and Balqees posing ~

(but where's Batrisyia?)

a good testimony...
~ Balqees fell asleep at the back seat ~

(after all, she'd been wearing the Upin and Ipin t-shirt...hehehe..) I cant wait for the weekend,

going back home to meet My.. very own...



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