Thursday 14 October 2010

Veggie : To eat or not to eat...?


Chef Wan prepares a classic Malaysian Jackfruit Salad. The jackfruit originated in southern India and is most commonly eaten when ripe, however this recipe relies on young jackfruit, fresh herbs, pineapple and tempeh, a fermented soybean cake.

For recipe go to : Best Wan

Fruit salad (photo from google image)

...or NOT TO EAT?

Don't know the origins, but I received this photos in my mail box :


Tuesday 12 October 2010

Open "house"

My officemate and I were talking about having a "makan-makan" (eating) session at our department during the month of Syawal when a friend from project department said we should combined with them as we were on the same floor, and invite some others..

well, ok.. "why not?"

...but we couldn't fixed the date in Syawal as some of us still observed the six days of fasting in the month of Syawal (to follow the sunnah of Prophet s.a.w)

In the end, today became our "open-house", and when some asked what was the occasion for, we said "post-Syawal" or "pre-Eid ul Adha" (due this year on the 17th. November!)..hehehe

We actually prepared the food ourselves (and because of this, I couldnt attend the alumni's committee meeting last night.. :-) ..)

(mini murtabak)

~ Made this and received some orders..hmmm...may be I should start frozen-food bzness...ker ching! ker ching! if I'd have time at the moment..

(Muffins ~ plain and blueberry flavour)

(Much easier to make, pre-mixed muffins mixture..needed only to add eggs, corn oil and water...order, order?)

And the rest...

(mini ketupat a.k.a rice cubes)

(Lengkong sirap ~ red jelly ~ a special request from me to kak Nani...)

(biscuit and snacks)

(chicken rendang from Ain - yummy..)

(Ain also made this fried noodle ~ she felt guilty for not being able to order the "roti jala"..hehe..)

Time to eat..



I'd say we had a good time..

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