Wednesday 29 February 2012

De-stress activity : bowling

Sent smses to some friends after lunch yesterday, telling them that I felt like going for a  bowling practice later in the evening,

...didn't expect them to join as it was a short notice, but I was glad that one friend said she could follow me if I could pick her up at her house. No problem as it was on the way to the bowling arena, and I appreciate her company.

Luckily the place was not packed and we could play immediately. As I had not played for many months since our celebratory game (we were 1st runner-up last year :-D here), was not expecting to do well...

and my friend and I just went into it without warming up first..hehe..

Surprisingly our scores were not bad, esp. for my friend who said earlier "just throw and wait for luck!"..hehe..

Strike on first throw, and a total of 118..not bad eh? .. hehe

AND I was so excited when on my second game I managed to score a total of 153!

Told my captain that it was "my luck on first training"

The highest score I think so far me..hehehe..,

that's ONE way to de-stress!


[Text from the captain last night : "Keep up with the good score and training! We shall win this year again! (n her smiley)" ~ now I'm nervous..haha..]

Tuesday 28 February 2012

"I choose to be that."

Image from my niece's facebook :

I believe she's able to do that..this happy-go-lucky girl :-D

I tend to worry about things instead of taking them will try not to think much and let go of all the negativity (thou its hard, hehe),

(Google image)

and so hope for less stress in my life, as I've been for the past months..InsyaAllah.


Monday 27 February 2012

13) Keukenhof - Part 3 : Simply tulips :-)

For my blogger friends who love tulips 
(or flowers in general..)

Have a nice day!

A bit wordless on Monday....hehe


Saturday 25 February 2012

12) Meanwhile @ the villages

Looking at the photos of the garden make me happy..can't get enough of it..after a couple of entries on that, some others will be posted in the near future :-)

In the meantime....,

..passing through one village, my dear friend asked her other half if we could stop for a while..

On another day, whilst on our back to their house we stopped in another village for these :

(Sigh)...simply lovely...


Friday 24 February 2012

A reminder to me...,

...postings in FB.

Thank you,
just small words.
for all the love and support.

I may not always show,
But I do appreciate you,
You have helped me with my life,
And given me all of the things
...that have gotten me here.

Thank you and may you always be blessed, mak.

and may arwah ayah rest in peace..


Thursday 23 February 2012

11) Keukenhof Garden - Part 2

Hundreds of photos taken during few hours at the garden, didn't get enough of it...enjoying the views, the walkabout and at the same time tried to capture the beauty of it all..,

but of course we couldn't absorbed it all in the photos,

and not with my camcorder (this is to say that the following photos were from using that..hehe)

Visiting the garden made me wish that I'd taken up my sis/bro-in-law's offer to use their Nikon DSLR camera,

or that I'd bought mine before that trip..hehe..


Wednesday 22 February 2012

Been a while since I joined "Virtual Run" (VR), and with long MCO - Movement Control Order (and no interest from family members..h...