Monday, 23 May 2011

Pleasant surprise..on first try.

After many years of being an ardent supporter, it was my turn to be in the team (hehe, actually I had to as my batch was short on player :-), the key player had to be out station )

Yes, I had to be in the team for our alumni's inter-batch bowling tournament.

The captain was aware that I'd be nervous so I was put as second player and I guess that helped a little.

First game was not bad, but second and third weren't good, I had much better scores during that by the end of the match, I felt guilty for playing! :-)

When the result was announced, third place went to a strong team whose key player won the best friends and I looked at each other, most of us thought "there goes our chance" that when our team name was called, we thought the emcee was chiding us for being loud (hehe)..

It dawned on us few seconds later that we actually won second place, then we were making "thunderous" cheers, and not watching the winner (thou no surprise there).. :-) .

Pleasant surprise indeed!...especially when we found out later that our score difference with the 3rd team was only 2!

The practices paid off for might not be perfect but it helped.

Next year? I've booked to play in SECOND team (if there's any)...can't stand the pressure, but I do enjoy the game..hehe..



Anonymous said...

owh..main boling ke..ingat kan apa la..maklumlah..bahasa inggeris xhebat mana...~

apa2 pon tahniah dpt nombor 2...~

Brigita T Alvarado Photography said...

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thomas said...

Congratulations for the good game.

Umi said...

Salam sahabat,
Gratz for winning 2nd place. I'm still the reigning "longkang" queen hehehe

papabear said...

lepas ni boleh wakil Malaysia la pulak hehe..

Cheqna said...


Thank u all..we had a great time playing and later on celebrating with late lunch.

Umi, this year longkang didnt like me much

and Papabear...mana nak letak Shalin nanti...ha ha..



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