Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Away from home.

The weekend had been a busy one.

Started off on Friday with making the solo journey (again) from the office to Kuala, but this time meeting my family from K.T as well.. :-)

On Saturday morning, we went to Ipoh for a few hours as my mum said its been years since she was last there. My sister wondered how I dared to make the journey through that "high" highway...its a bit scary but .."Tawakkal'alAllah" (I place my trust and relying upon Allah SWT)

Drove up to Kuala again but by 2.30pm was making the way back to K.L..

[Ohh..all in I covered about 650km in less than 48 hours..if I'd walked or jogged that distance I'd have lost many many kg...instead I gained more with all the food I'd eaten..hehehe...]

Sunday 2nd October :

Was a bit tired from the traveling that I thought of staying home for a bit of rest, but the thought of Faraheen here in K.L for the Taekwondo tournament made me leave the house by 8.30am to go to the Cheras Badminton Stadium.

For this tourney, she had not been training for almost a year due to her studies, so to enter the tournament took lots of guts. Her parents in K.T were nervous..

but this auntie who waited for her turn and watched it "live" was more so..haha..

Sadly she lost during the first round..but I was proud of her, she took it well,

and showed her sporting spirit to help her cousin Ika, who managed to win in her first three rounds to enter the final later in the evening.

Ika got silver medal, lost to (I was told) one national trainee, no wonder the girl kicked well..hehe..

Congrats to them all..I sure enjoyed watching especially the young kids kicking their ways in the cute.

and this little fellow who came from Terengganu :-)

Reached home by 6.30pm..and by 9pm..already..




Jolly Princess said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time with your family Cheqna. Cheers!:)

Cheqna said...

Thanks JP!


TK said...

Hi dear!
Seronoknya jumpa family..takpela penat pun.
Don't worry about gaining weight!
As long as you are happy :)
BTW, do you still cycle?

thomas said...

Wow!From KT to Ipoh and back and then to KL,
you must be a terrific driver.

Cheqna said...

Hi TK,

good to have you around again.

yes, the bike is still in use :-) ..but now just "invested" in jumping rope..some said skipping lg cepat..kot!.hehehe


Cheqna said...

Hi Thomas,

not terrific, more to terrified driver..hehehe..

but I'm thankful for the smooth and save journey, and great hours with the family.


H. Nizam said...

I am glad to know that you have been having some good times with your family, Cheqna.

Cheqna said...


I "re-charge" my happiness battery whenever I'm with them..hehe..



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