Sunday, 14 March 2010

Home made

My attempt at making bread today...still remember the deliciousness of the home made ones during our trip to a homestay at Pasir Belanda :-)

(part of our breakfast at Pasir Belanda)

Saf said she'd give me her simple recipe...but when i came across the pre-mixed whole wheat bread flour during our grocery shopping, i thot may be i should start with it first.. :-)


Hehehe...after all it was quite easy ~ mixed the given yeast with water, added to the flour (i added a bit of pumpkin seeds)...kneaded it into dough...and waited patiently for about 40 mins and ta-daa... got this result!

[..didn't have bread loaf pan :-) ]

[..kept on checking the status..haha...]

[in d meantime, made lamb stew]

[..the end result..]

[Our dinner..]

Nor said "come back to KT and open the bread bzness".. hehehe...

Chef Na???



I amsterdam said...

Sedapnya nampak roti tu... nanti kami tunjuk roti kami pulak tau...

Cheqna said...

All rite, set!

..then let me have the recipe...pretty plzzzz...



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