Saturday, May 19, 2012


I wonder what happened to my former students.....those that I'd taught for few months, just after I'd finished with my studies. Hope all of them are happy and successful in their own way.

Anyway..hoping that "Teacher's Day" that was celebrated on the 16th had been a good one for all the teachers (by profession). However, I believe all of us are "teachers" in our own way..teaching/sharing our little bit of knowledge to others..hoping that the receivers/"students" benefit from it.

I'd sent my personal "Teacher's day" messages to my family members/relatives/friends...then near mid-night that day I got a nice surprise from a girl that I met during our program in Port Dickson (here) wishing me "A Happy Teacher's Day" and a nice message that touched me..(and so I went to sleep with a smile on my face..hehe).


Second part of dedication is that I'd like to thank for all the words of encouragement that had been left in my previous post..I appreciate it very much...Will do my best (insyaAllah)..

This morning I managed to walk/jog/run the full circle of the track, i.e circling the lake, which was roughly about 3.5km..I tried jogging 100 steps followed by 100 steps of walking..and did that few times...the rest I walked leisurely.

With me stopping few times to snap some photos with my handphone/tablet (and updated status at my FB), I actually managed to finish it within 1 hour!.

Oh..there's hope for me to finish 5km run "wayyyy" before 4 hours as I stated...hahaha...

So enjoy these photos..dedicated to my family, friends and my blogger friends here...thank you all!

After the last photo was taken, received a call from an old friend that I'd arranged to meet. We continued walking/running for another 30 minutes whilst catching up with news as we had not see each other for many months.

Then she "kidnapped" me for breakfast...all the way to Damansara...hehehe.



  1. I have no contact with my former students, some of them are dead..
    I run/walk 16000 steps today, according my phone..

  2. I knew you could do it. I'm confident you will be ready for the 5k marathon when it comes up. I think it's wonderful your country has a Teacher's Day.

  3. The last shot is a good one,
    is that lake in Kepong,the Metropolitan Park?

  4. always glad to read your nice post, dear Cheqna. Happy Teacher's Day to you :)

  5. Ha ha ha.. I also have the same thought on my students that I taught in Sek Men Agama Tok Jiring back in 1975.. I only met one a few time in KLCC mosque when he accompanied the last Agung for Friday prayers.. From Him I learnt that not many are materially successful.. Semua nya jadi orang lah.. Successful in their own ways;)
    Glad to see you tebeng...;)

  6. congratulation kak Cheqna...i did 2km this morning...5 rounds of UKM stadium track..walking early as 6.30am...wishing u Happy Teacher's Day...

  7. Tang kena "kidnapped" for breakfast... i like it, anybody please 'kidnapped' me for makan-makan ..he..he..he.

  8. it's a serene place you got there! I wouldn't mine brisk walking early in the morning while enjoying the surrounding ;)

  9. see, u can do it, just need a little bit training.. good luck

  10. What?? After all those hard work and you were kidnapped for breakfast! How could she!! I think I know the culprit hehe

    1. Tak saw her picture that I'd uploaded in FB..hehe..




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