Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The "princesses" in Port Dickson

We had fun in Port Dickson yesterday, and I didnt regret making the last minute decision to join our school's alumni committees/members to go there for the programme arranged by the Ministry of Education.

held at Tiara Beach Resort (with no natural beach in sight..hehe..)

Our alumni's programme was conducted in English ~ we had some games and drama "competition"(and Mas n I were really proud that our "Super Natural" group , with the topic "Bullies in school" won the competition ~ they had good ideas in coming up with the script! yippieeee!!)

(The "Super Natural" in action ~ scene 3 : in the Principal's office)

Having the chance to interact with few selected 16-year old boys and girls from the boarding schools all over Malaysia was such a good experience, that by the end of the day, I learned some things too...

....n with this good feeling, guess I'm not upset anymore that I was elected (few months back) to be a committee member of the alumni for the current term...hehehe..

So it was not a waste leaving the house at 6 in the morning, traveled with 4 others for 1 1/2 hours, despite that the car battery went dead and I reached home at about 9 in the evening.

....till now, the whole day's experience can still make me smile...

and as A.J said in her mail today ..."it was GREAT!!! The students assigned to us were great, they really put their heart & soul into making our programme a success, everything went really well"

and she said that she's "still in a state of euphoria"....I guess the rest of us are too! hehehe...

As we didnt have enough time to summarise the purpose of our programme to the 27 students who were with us, hopefully we have managed to contribute something useful to them and that they have had a good time.

for the 11 of us "princesses" who went to P.D, including our alumni's Madam President, it was just great..

(Logo on our black t-shirts ~ done by one of our members who together with her husband, have been very supportive of alumni's activities (thank u Ros!)-

... the fairy tale ended, we turned back into "ordinary" ladies and went back to our respective towns...hehehe...

* The End *


  1. End of Princess Diaries? teeheehee....

  2. Not diaries, only on pieces of papers ...hehehe...

    But there will always be princess stories what, cannot end maaa...

    after all its "Forever Puteri" ~ we paid for lifetime membership, kan? hehehehehe....




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