Sunday, 20 June 2010

Dad's Special Place

Mother is all that is noble and fine,
And all that is right and good.
She richly deserves every sonnet sung
To her glorious motherhood.

And when Mother receives some acclaim
The whole wide world is glad,
But away down deep in every heart
There's a place that is just for Dad.

We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,

But it doesn't mean that we don't know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There's a place that is just for Dad.

by : Anonymous


Made this for lunch today,
mee hoon (rice noodle) soup,
one of arwah ayah's favourite recipe.

It's Nazeem's favourite now, he could finish 2 bowls at one go..hehe..
so whenever he's home from his school, his mum would make it especially for him, a big pot of the soup so he could have a repeat!




Semoga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmat
ke atas ruh ayah...
dan ditempatkannya bersama para solihin



Nitin said...

haha.. nice looking noodles. and nice poem. i had forgot its fathers dad. would need to call up my dad some time. soo much for that eng vs alg match. all that talk about having rooney and lambart was soo bogus. they couldn't break it with alg. which kind of tells us how bad predictions are. atleast with football :P..

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Mihun sup with fishballs? drooling now... oh, this Slovakia vs Paraguay is so boring...yawnnn... har har har *evil laughs*

I amsterdam said...

Yum, yum...


Cheqna said...


something wrong somewhere with the team eh, too tired may be after the long EPL? this rate, dont think we'll see England n some other top teams in d next round..

what a pity

hope u have call ur dad.


Cheqna said...


no fishballs dear, this one simple only, just chicken n eggs.

we fondly call it "mee sup bodo", .hehe..

Not watching games 2nite, its CSIs' night.., hv missed it over d weekdays..hehe..


Cheqna said...

I.a dear..tq.

yum yum..had second round for dinner..hehehe..


umihoney said...

AlFatihah for arwah. Bihun tu perghh..mouth watering..thank you for the lovely poems.

Cheqna said...


thank u dear..

Bihun tu if u yang masak mesti dah present cantik2 dlm ur blog....that was mine so tak yah hias2 dah..hehe..


NARDtheNERD said...

semoga ayah sis tenang disana.

Cheqna said...


amiin..tq sis.

papabear said...

it is hard to find really good noodle soup these days....

and... May Allah bless us all :)

Anonymous said...

Tanpa bapa tiadala ibu :) Selamat hari bapa buat ayahnya Cheqna. Soup tu pun sedap nampaknya, suka kalau banyak daun sawi.

ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

al-fatihah buat arwah..semoga tenang disana amin

yummy noodle :)

TK said...

Hmm...makanan org diet ni...hehe
I sukak mee celup..Hari ni nak pegi cari..

Cheqna said...


the best is always one that is home cooked, tak de or kurang perisa2 tambahan..sedap tak sedap mesti kena habisnya..hehe..

amiin to ur doa..


Cheqna said...


memang best banyak sawi tp terbeli sikit.. :-)

..n if ikutkan hati suka tambah macam2 sayur, but then tak lah resepi arwah ayah jadinya..hehe..


Cheqna said...


amiin...tq sis.

nak resepi? simple je..hehe


Cheqna said...


ye ke makanan orang diet ~ if makan bertambah n ada repeat lagi...hehehe...


NICK IRFAN said...

sedapnyer makanan dlm gmbr tu... hehe

Cheqna said...


lambat la dik, dah finish, gone, poof!




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