Sunday, June 27, 2010

Currypuffs n morning news..

Been seeing currypuffs all over, but don't have time to make it like "I amsterdam" or "Kakasma" :-) ...used to love making it (read eating..haha) ever since I watched my mother made it when I was small.

Instead I bought the frozen ones from my neighbour (after all, its good I'm supporting her business eh?..hehehe..)..

So this is our breakfast this morning :


When I was in school, one of d snacks that I brought back to the hostel was always the mini currypuffs (filled with meat/fish "serunding")..imagine 5 years of that..hehe..


World cup news :

Its sad that South Korea has been eliminated in the 2nd round with the loss of 1 - 2 against Uruguay, congrats to Uruguay team(FIFA ranking may 2010 - 16)

In d other match this morning, Ghana has beaten United States, 2 - 1


Yuna Kim - is a South Korean figure skater, the Olympic champion 2010 in ice skating

"As of April 2010, she is ranked 1st in the world by the International Skating Union (ISU). She is also the current record holder for ladies in the short program, the free skating and the combined total under the ISU Judging System. She was the first female skater to surpass the 200-point mark under the ISU Judging System."



  1. hahaha.... Cheqna, keep thinking about food...?!
    I also love a little currypuffs (is that the name?!)..
    Its my fav snack...crunchy...

    be careful wth your diet program,girl...!!hehe..

  2. oh no no no... South Korea is out.... huuu... :(

  3. Cheqna,
    Takci goreng hok frozen. Maghi sini kite buat ke deme. Nok? Ambe puah ati Ghana menang. har har har *evil laughs*

  4. Nensa,

    haha..cant help it i decided to proceed instead...with eating..hehehe..


  5. papabear,

    watched the 1st half when they were 1 down, then stopped watching hoping they'd win..not so it seems..

    better luck next time..

    Japan next

  6. Cats dear,

    ambe pung sama.. :-)

    alaa..frozen pun frozen lah, dah kempunan sangat dapat tengok aje...hehehe..

    not going to surprise us at d tourney coming weekend ni?..bawaklah homemade karipap ye, muffins tak mboh..demanding tu..haha


  7. wah..ade curry puff..akak buat gak petang nie tapi tak dan nak buat rosak,hp pun tak boleh nak amek umah cyber lengang ajer tanpa entry masak2..tak per laa tengok cheqna dah makan tu okay lerkan...

  8. Ingatkan u buat karipap tu..baru je nak puji terrernye dia buat karipap...
    Maklumla..kita kelim pun x pandai...

    Karipap mini my favourite...!!!

  9. Har har har....woohoo!!!! England bungkus, balik kampung!!!!

  10. Kakasma,

    sedap jiran tu buat..kurang sikit kempunannya..hehe..

    cuba buat roti tak berapa menjadi..mmm..banyaklah rosak tepungnya..


  11. TK,

    malu nak tunjuk if kita kelim sendiri ~ semi-pro..hehehe..


  12. Cats dear,

    at least membungkus satu stage later than socceroos...*wink* wink*


  13. Babe,

    I love mini currypuff..popia mini pon sodap!

  14. Meen..hehe..join d club! :-)



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