Sunday, July 11, 2010

Unscheduled trip.

When Nazeem said he still was not fully recovered after few days of fever, his mum was quite worried. Not possible for my sister to "pop-over" from KT on short notice..we volunteered to go to K.Kangsar..much nearer from KL.

Re-scheduling some plans, yesterday we started from home about 8.30am and reached there 3 hours later..Alhamdulillah he was getting better (but we had to remind him few times to make sure he finished taking the anti-biotic pills).

We decided to stay over nite, so had the time to take him to Ipoh for his "Big Apple" doughnuts (what else?n all that for him!..hehe..)

For us? cherries and strawberries..mmmmm...

I actually like to know who Nazeem's friends are and meeting some of them this weekend reassured us that he'll survive being away from family, InsyaAllah

In d afternoon before we left for KL, we treated him n some friends for lunch at a newly opened Pizza Hut..

mmm...if only the unscheduled trip was to Spain or Netherlands...hehehe...

Anyway, this morning there'll be World Cup final between Netherlands vs Spain...if not too tired after weekend away, might stay up and watch it.. :-)

... VS...

(Netherlands -vs- Spain)

Even thou I follow this world cup, it was only last week after it had reached quarter-final stage that I realised the existence of this song in full (n how Shakira looks like)..all this while I only heard the part *This time for Africa*..hehehe.

Music video by Shakira featuring Freshlyground performing Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup (TM) Song). (C) 2010 Sony Music Entertainment

Noticed some players in d video?Apart from Messi n Ronaldo, another one of them was Beckham ~ who sadly missed the chance to play for England, thou with "bad" performance by the team, I thot he had a good escape..hehe..



  1. Yey..gud news for me yg tido keghas mlm im happy spain menang.

    I suka lagu Shakira tu. Dah hafal pun sbb beli CD FIFA 2010. Semua lagu best2.Tak best rasanya fifa is over. Nothing to look forward to anymore..

  2. mmhh strawberry...just like it..heheh..have a great day...^_^

  3. Nick,

    akak tengok separuh jalan je, boring 0 - 0, baik tdo..hehe..


  4. Hmmm...KK...laksa pak ngah...hmmm...durian, rambutan, langsat...hmmm...and you end up with donuts, cherries and strawberries? You're terrible Cheqna! har har har *evil laughs*

  5. TK,

    I tdo sepaghuh keghas la kalau macam tu, tengok separuh jalan..hehe..

    Spain finally 1st time champ..mmm...kenapa kawan kat amsterdam lama tak menjenguk...sibuk dgn oranje fever kot..

    hafal lagu Shakira?u lagi terer..i only know "waka, waka, this time for africa"..haha

    mmm..back to normal..n eating sotong, once in a while..hehe..


  6. windflowers,

    hehe...n thank u, u 2! :-)

  7. Cats dear,

    we wanted to but :

    ~ the durians were expensive,
    ~ rambutans can get from my mak's hse later this month,
    ~ langsat not seen anywhere,
    ~ n laksa utara, prefer my own version, (perasan sedap..haha)

    so, might as well ate strawberries n donuts thou..hehe..

    n can always go for lempuk or tempoyak later ~ both my fav!..haha..


  8. salam Cheqna,
    U right!! strawberry n cherry was better to u than donuts... hehe
    so u miss the final game...??
    N the octopus said was really coming true... so lets cooking sambel sotong.. cheqna... nhaha

    I love the WAKA WAKA shakira...

  9. to KK... imagine if KTM were to dream about super highspeed trains conencting all the cities in Malaysia, we can go anywhere, anytime... but they decided to dream about other things... what am I talking about... nice cherries anyway...

  10. mckk boys~...

    nyum nyum...teehehe..=))

  11. yehhh spain menang happy giler kih3...
    psembahan shakira jer best ^___^ semalam...

  12. eh! sedapnyer menu mknan dlm entry akak ni... yummy2...

  13. lols.. i Spain are the champs and made history. and i tell you. that match would had put you too sleep. too much technical football and really really tight. any case . i hope you were able to stay awake thru the game. thats a lot of donuts. right now im in 'hungry for lunch' mode. and i really can't stand looking at that picture of donuts. its killing me :P.. haha.. just kidding. so did you miss the game or what??

  14. makan habis anti-biotic tu nazeem, biasanya dah mula rasa elok kita terus tak rajin nak habiskan antibiotik.Setahu saya antibiotik ni elok makan habis, sebab masa kita makan tu, almost semua virus dalam badan termasuk yang perlu dikerjakannya sekali. So elok habiskan, semoga tak perlu makan banyak kali dalam masa terdekat, apa pun tentu tuan doktor lagi arif.

    Actually this time not for Africa, this time for europe (spain) :)

  15. and spain win!! love them esp casillas! :)

    shakira looks stunning as always. dengki!

  16. Nensa,

    some parts of d world (except Spain) are having sotong barbeque, or calamaries or sotong sumbat..hehehe..

    for someone who at first didnt follow WC, u know WAKA WAKA?..u r a better fan than me fren, haha..


  17. papabear,

    its time for u n family to have a long holiday away...may be to somewhere u can bring back some cherries(for me)?



  18. Bie,

    i've heard of Shakira before but only recently after watching d music video WAKA WAKA that i know how she looks like..hehehe...


  19. Nick,

    hehehe..bab-bab ni makan sedap aje..

    (samalah dgn akak..haha..)


  20. Nitin,

    hope u r still alive (n d donuts havent killed u off..haha).

    didnt watch d second half cos I thot the first half was a bit boring, lots of yellow i missed the winning goal at d end ~ i was in my dream mode then..hehe..

    a record 1st for Spain eh? The Netherlands have to wait another time to create history in WC.

    going to miss d excitement of WC..back to EPL..hehe..


  21. ps,

    thank u Rad...tapi his auntie pun tak suka ubat, pernah cakap dgn doktor "tak payah bagilah antibiotik lain sebab saya masih ada balance yg few months back"...n kena marah!..hahaha..

    nasib baik doktor wanita, n dia cakap dgn lemah lembutnya...hehehe..


  22. Chybee,

    lega u eh that Spain didnt "break ur heart" d other nite...hehehe..

    Shakira ~ yes, she looks beautiful ~ on music, i don't know her other songs...hehe..


  23. Visiting you dear cheqna. Umi pun rasa nak masak sambal sotong bukan pasal marah kat octopus tu ..tak kisah pun sapa menang WC hehehe.

    Donuts looked yummy so did the strawberries ...dah ke pizza pulak..memang confirm kuat makan hahaha.

    But you seemed so busy.. gallivanting here and there so I guess some calories are burnt along the way :P

    Take care.

  24. Umi dear,

    when u read my next post, u'll know how "kuat makan" n suka makan ur fren ni..haha..

    d here n there not enuf to make the calories go away, but i did some cycling yesterday...too much i guess n end up hurting my knees...mmm..

    tq, u 2 take care.




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