Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st July..

Happy Birthday Faraheen!

Majlis Khatam Al-Quran Negeri Terengganu 2009

Camping at her school ground :

Taking part in Taekwondo, her favourite activity :

I was told that she's going for a new grading soon..

so she prefers a new 'uniform' for her birthday gift :-)

Best of can do it!

I love this :

~ wearing her mum's mask project..hehehe..

With her siblings :

May Allah SWT bless u..
Che Na always pray for the best for you...

Luv you Kak F!



Happy Birthday as well to
Cats' Mama down under..
may the blessings of Allah SWT be with u always..
have wonderful days ahead.

Additional note :

had another round of bowling with friends after work yesterday, the full teams' players came for practice (n supporters as well!) and they were getting better n better..

so this reserved player now has no worries,
after all, she needs time to recover..
(thank you frens for your well wishes..)

but I'm so happy, my best yesterday was 119!



  1. Happy Birthday to Faraheen!!!

  2. Cheqna dear,'re making my Mama blush again. She said Thank You for your wishes. We bought her loads of books as her presents today. She's enjoying them now. har har har *evil laughs*

  3. papabear,

    tq tq on her behalf..hehe


  4. Cats dear,

    u know how to "purr" back into her good graces eh?

    hope she has had a good day..but is she out of her "blind as a bat" to read all that books?


  5. mmm..the you are so not going to be da queen of longkang my dear..making progress I see..hahaha..hey glad you have had fun la.Practice makes perfect so go for it.

    da queen signing off..

  6. Hi dear Cheqna, thanks for your visit and comment left. I hope Brazil win the match (and the championship!!) once I am brazilian.
    Wish you a happy weekend!!

  7. happy b'day to Faraheen!!
    May she always be blessed by Allah...Amiin!!

    Ehh...bowling again Cheqna?!
    so you must be recovered... syukurlah, but be careful... tar pulang bowling badan pegal2 lagi..hehe..
    siap pergi ke tukang urut aja ok

  8. Umi da queen,

    nampaknya kena purposely target longkang instead of pins if i want to win the title..but of course not going to spoil our teams' efforts..hehe..

    thou, as reserve player, most probably tak main pun nanti (legaaa..), target menang sorak and enjoying the currypuffs..haha

    makan lagi...


  9. Hi Ana,

    tq 4 d wish..nice weekend 2 u 2!

    yea, going to watch it 2nite..Brazilian's "little canary" vs Netherland's "oranje"..

    little bird eating d orange?...hehe..


  10. Nensa dear,

    terimakasih...amiin di atas doanya, may Allah SWT bless u n family..

    semi-recovered after first day, 2nd day really enjoyed the 3rd morning suffered..

    pergi urut sounds good..but if pergi sauna can lose calories as well..haha..


  11. Cheqna,
    Glad to report her new "eyes" have arrived so now voraciously reading every page. har har har *evil laughs*

  12. Hapi besday to Faraheen.....may god bless her ^___^

  13. hppy besday jgk kat anak buah akak ni... :)

  14. Cats..

    so lower that *har har* sound n let her read in peace..

    and pls lead that 'blind bat' back to its cave!



  15. Bie,

    Amiin...thank u sis! May u be blessed too.


  16. Blogger Pinrang,

    thank u :-)

  17. Nick,

    thank u dik..

    ..masa ni mesti dia dah ngadap tv utk Brazil/Netherlands..hehe


  18. Hi..hepi birthday 2 faraheen. I like the mask!! So cool!

    Ive been so busy basuh only im free..tgh tengok Brazil ni..

  19. TK,

    tq tq.. :-) bz basuh pinggan ek...may be its time to invest in disposable ones whenever u don't feel like washing?..haha...


  20. you are listed!

  21. papabear,

    hehe..thank you 2x..

    after 2nd mth of trying to be in d list..not bad..haha


  22. Salam hari lahir Faraheen, harap belum terlambat sangat la ucap ni.. juga semoga berjaya menguasai taekwando sebaiknya. black belt jadi idaman bila makin meningkat. salam dari uncle PepSaya :)

  23. ps,

    trimakacih bg pihak..tgh target utk black belt la tu...suka benar if dapat pergi latihan..




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