Thursday, 15 July 2010

Time for dessert... :-)

Have been finalising the work for coming audit and finished the draft for approval by noon..

..what better way to celebrate
then having a special dessert..

Bubur kacang hijau (or green mung bean porridge) with durians!

We actually made it using a small slow cooker in our pantry,

and someone was kind enough to go and buy for us the durians from a nearby mall..hehe..

(yummmmy....3 packets for RM10..hehe..)

...we had that with crackers n bread, a dessert before lunch, haha! Our department boss was supporting enough to join us (he especially loved that durians!..hehe..)

I didnt take any lunch after that...trying to cut down..

The last few days, having more of green apples and yogurt..

By d way, we have taken down from our board the world cup schedule that our boss gave, therefore ended the task of one staff in updating it ~ and she didnt even watch the games (but love the octopus thing)!..haha..

So to everyone (especially to Nensa and ps, who now know more on football?) till d next event..hope u all have enjoyed the World Cup this time round!




NENSA MOON said...

hahaha... Cheqna dear, I wanna thank to u from the bottom of my heart as I could enjoy and happy for the WC around this time...truly becoz of U, girl...!! though I just watch the sotong show... and the game I only watch the last game...haha
but it's very memorable..and most waiting to the next WC on 2014..
Hopefully that time we (esp. Cheqna, Umi and rad/ps) would all still exist and could stay together as a great felow blogger..

And bubur kacang.. I love it..!! pls dont just showed it to us... hw about you send it to me about 2 pinggan (for me n my son)...haha...!!

NARDtheNERD said...

i cant telan apa mix with durian. huhuhu~

papabear said...

more and more food... ohh duriannn....

meenyusuf said...

Love Bubur kachang..Bubur pulut hitam pon suka..Sini durian mahal giler..4 ulas 5 Pounds..kalau convert lagie sakit jiwa!

TK said...

Waa durian. Baru beli kat Manir. Durian kampung yg murah dan sedap!Hari ni nak sambung makan.. Lama sgt dah tak makan bubur kacang durian tu...

I masih dlm mood fifa lagi. Masih dengar lagi lagu2 fifa 2010 while driving.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Now I know...kalau lapar je pergilah blog Cheqna. Sure lagi lapar punya. Menci tau! Kat sini durian frozen je ada. har har har *evil laughs*

Cheqna said...


u want d bubur kacang? let me do delivery bzness first..hehe..

n u r welcome!, njoyed d WC more with u and d gang around..


Cheqna said...


u can or cant? hehe..makan je kita ek..haha


Cheqna said...


with many food bloggers around, cant help but feeling hungry whenever i visit their sites, so here I'm letting my blogger frens join d fun of eating as well..

in a way, sama2 kumpul kgs...hehehe.


Cheqna said...


bubur pulut hitam with a dash of santan bila nak makan tu..aduhai sedapnya..hehehe..

yelah, beli barang2 kat sana if fikir convert to RM memang terasa sangat..

so in order tak nak sakit jiwa, either jgn fikir d conversion or jgn beli..hehe..


Cheqna said...


by now sure dah habis durian manir tu..hehe..

banyak ke lagu2 fifa? ingatkan yg Waka Waka tu laa pulak taunya..haha..


Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

come over when u n ur sister-in-hibernation whenever u can...(berani buat offer pada yang jauh beribu2 kilometer away..haha)

but i'll see ur mama soon and may be she can eat on ur behalf..hehe..

*menci tapi rindu*


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waliz said...

huwaaa i miss my mom's bubur kacang wth durians!!!

waliz said...

cant leave mssg at yr here 3 ki$$ for u :)

Anonymous said...

bubur kacang ijau dengan durian, resepi traditional berusia ribu tahun tu sejak zaman parameswara lagi tu. suka yang sedang-2. tak manis sangat. resepi ni penuh nostalgia, penuh dengan sentimental valuenya. agaknya sesiapa yang duduk oversea lama tak balik sini, tengok je bubur kacang ijau durian ni ..tentu terkenang kampung dan musim duriannya.sialp-2 boleh terbau durian..

umihoney said...

Dear cheqna

Love the bubur kacang durian :)..well this is seasonal so makan jer till season is over haha

Like ps said bubur kacang is very nostalgic...teringat once upon a time malam2 an Indian muslim man would carry his bubur kacang on his shoulder.Kita orang makan cangkung tepi jalan..nikmat tul dengan pulutnya..especially dengan lampu pelita..malam yang berbintang..adeh atmosphere tu.

Have a great and safe weekend.I also hope as Nensa said that 4 years from now we are still here as friends,insyaAllah kalau dipanjangkan umur.


Cheqna said...


why not try cooking it, in future ur children will miss your bubur kacang..hehe

n tqvm..


Cheqna said...


waah, u r good in history..sampai zaman parameswara n bubur kacangnya..hehe..

tq for d info fren


Cheqna said...


seronoknya kenangan u makan bubur kacang tepi jalan..

alahai, bila cerita pasal pelita, teringat main bunga api masa kecik2..hehe..

insyaAllah, semoga dipanjangkan usia persahabatan kita semua..lets make it work n be good friends to each other.


NICK IRFAN said...

wah! ade durian plak? laponyer.. hehe

NARDtheNERD said...

i tak suka apa apa yang mix with durian sis..hehe~

ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

my pebet bubur kacang durian....
sedap2 hik2

Nitin said...

hehe.. i took the wc schedule off my wall yesterday once i got back.. haha..

Cheqna said...


kat sini nampaknya "macammmm2 ada"..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


ohhh..tak minat durian..tak makan lah tempoyak n fav tu..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


kita se "geng" lah ye (dgn yg ramai2 pun..hehehe..)


Cheqna said...


u got back to ur own place now, enuf wandering eh?..hehehe..


lina@happy family said...

I love bubur kacang hijau; but I've never mixed it with durian :)ted

Cheqna said...


one day, do give it a try..hehe..



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