Thursday, 30 December 2010

New year-end job.

Left d house very early this morning for my new employment...

Alhamdullilah have reached the destination safely,



and have now officially become a "nanny" for a few days...hehehe


Already had a round of singing class..

Many more activities to come in d next few days..


Last night didn't watch the AFF Suzuki Cup final, was busy packing (excuses, excuses ~ was scared to watch :) )..and so we ordered pizza for dinner...

[Some leftover now "resting" in d freezer.. :-)]

Anyway, congratulations to the Malaysian team for becoming a first time champion.

and to Mohd Safee

(scored 5 goals in this tournament)

N the most welcomed news...public holiday tomorrow!..hehehe..

2010/12/30 (NST online) :

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak declared tomorrow a public holiday to celebrate the Malaysian football team winning the AFF Suzuki Cup in Jakarta.


mmmm...I'll revert to old job in d new year.



TK said...

Balik Ganu ke! Happy New Year dear!
Berapa round dah tgok Upin Ipin hehe

i amsterdam said...

Happy holiday!! Hmm... pizza tu lagi sedap kalau makan depan tv sambil tengok bola!!

thomas said...

Happy New Year and enjoy your holidays.

English tips said...

Thanks to Alah everything is going to be all right, desire all the best for you, your family and your readers, Happy new year my dear friend and many thanks for your support. Carlos from Brazil

peah @ peps said...

Happy New Year cheqna!

hehe..being a nanny is a fun job kan...:P

see u in 2011!

New Entry: Cik Peah's fashion runaway for 2011 ??

Jolly Princess said...

Hello, I just drop by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! My BEST WISHES for the year 2011!

Unknown said...

Here's wishing you the best in all you do and may all your wishes come true. Miss you bunches.Take care dear friend


Cheqna said...

Dear Friends,

thank you very much for your comments and wishes..appreciate it.

Been bz since I came back here, its quite tiring (but enjoyable) being a once in a while nanny..hehehe..

will update soon.

Happy new year 2011 and may u all have a good year ahead.



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