Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Bazaars and buffets in Ramadan.

Into 7th day of Ramadan today, and I've been quite busy/tired to update (or read other blogs - sorry!)..

We have yet to go to any bazaar Ramadan...I'm sure there are lots of food being sold and the "excitement" of buyers and sellers are different during this month,


(Photos taken from google search)


..but I actually prefer to cook the dishes for berbuka and sahur, just simple recipes which I can make within one hour or so..hehe..

(Fried mee/noodle)

(assam pedas fish)

Apart from the bazaar, the hotels have been busy promoting their Ramadan buffets...but they are now getting very expensive, with their claims of so many spreads at the buffets,

..but how much can you eat within certain hours?...mmm..

Am not saying that we shouldn't, had been to few last few years. It's up to each individual, as some had said, "if they can afford it, why not?"...

Anyway, talking about buffet...here's our very own buffet spread ~ home-cooked ~ yesterday...

(Spring roll @ Popia - made for a second time after the day before..hehe..)

(Chicken rendang - I'd been anticipating of making this since noon..haha..)

(Lamb chop - had to put this in d oven before its "expiry date")

[Mixed salad ~ to compliment the lamb dish..but the avocado was a bit hard..not good for someone just getting over the toothache.. :-) ]

(Zam-Zam water and coffee)

a lot eh? hehehe..

Have had sardine rolls, curry puffs and spring rolls etc for the past few days...thinking of making "kuih ketayap" (thin layer of pancake filled with sweetened coconut) later this evening..hehe..

(Photo taken from google search)

Selamat berpuasa and berbuka!

[Note : my "takziah"/condolences to the families of traders at bazaar Ramadan who lost their lives or injured during the strong winds that blew off their tents on Friday]

From theStar online:

JASIN: Two traders at the Jasin Ramadan bazaar were killed and two others seriously injured by flying debris during a freak storm that hit the area.

The dead were identified as Abdul Omar, 71, and Mahadi Mohamad, in his 40s.

One trader is in a coma and was admitted to the Malacca Hospital while another seriously hurt had been sent to Putra Hospital.

The incident happened at 5pm when some 30 traders were about to set up their stalls at the bazaar for the buka puasa crowd next to the Jasin Sports complex.

(Picking up the pieces: Traders salvaging what they can of their stalls after strong winds hit the Jasin Bazaar Ramadan next to the Jasin Stadium complex Friday evening.)


tiefazatie said...

wah..byknye juadah..alhamdullilah..rezeki kan kak.=)

Cheqna said...


alhamdulillah, rezeki..

n sis, bila masak sendiri jimat n kurang pembaziran..


NARDtheNERD said...

selamat berbuka.
quite a lot sis.

meenyusuf said...

aslm dear,betulla,my friend ada cakap buffet kat hotel sekarang ada yang cecah 100++ sekepala..Ayoyoyo,makan seminggu tuh..kadang tak sedap pon..but yang i boleh recommend is pan Pac KLIA..memang sedap..tuh pon we all makan last puasa,once a month aja...:)

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Was wondering if you had decided to "puasa" blogging too.... roar! roar! roar!

Julio said...

after all this beatiful dishes that look delicius, I will have to stop blogging and find something to eat.

Amri Rani said...

Salam Cheqna...
wife masak sendiri hujung mnggu je...ari keje xsempat...xde masa n keletihan....
selamat berpuasa n berbuka...

Jolly Princess said...

You made me starve with your post Cheqna. I like the simple yet nutricious recipes. :)

Chybee said...

banyaknya food!! i'm jeleous!!!

waliz said...

hi cheqna..nice pics of foods..yeah ..while we splurging on good foods there are peoples starving around the world (off topic skit )..a condolence also to the family who has lost their member in the tragic incident in melaka..:((

Cheqna said...


meja masih muat lagi if u nak hantar food over..hehe..


Cheqna said...

W'salam Meen,

.itulah fikir panjang bila nak arrange office's buka puasa, with issue halal tak halal, n d cost yg tinggi..baik belanja kat lain after Ramadan...

pan Pac KLIA too far, d other side of our place..hehe..


Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

in a way puasa blogging, didnt have time during d day, at home dgn masak n everything else after berbuka, dah ngantuk..hehe..

now dah slow down a bit, sesekali can go visit u lah..ok?


Cheqna said...


hehe..hope by now you are full and can start blogging again.


Cheqna said...

W'salam PakWi,

sy kerja dekat je dgn rumah, bulan puasa ni balik 4.30pm, 15 mins after keluar office kadang dah mula masuk dapur kat rumah, normally by 6pm dah siap masak...tp masak cincai2 ajelah tu, tak de resepi yg complicated..hehe..


Cheqna said...


hope u don't stop blogging to go search for food like Julio..hehehe..

I try to prepare as much nutricious food as possible, but sometimes i really have cravings for the greasy or fast food (like 2day..thinking of ordering later this burger that I saw in d adverts last week...ha ha ha..)


Cheqna said...


banyak food, banyak lah lemaknya..hehe..


Cheqna said...


tq n no, tak off topic..true, sometimes we spend less time thinking of the unfortunate ones when it comes to spending, just b'cos we can afford it.

yes, its sadder to lose your loved ones during this period..

Nitin said...

what i love about ramadhan is the culinary delights that are out there. and i almost wait the whole year just to be able to savour the aroma and tastes it has to offer. I am gonna be impatiently waiting for eid to come. :).

Its tragic for something like this to happen. i just read the article in your post. and i find it tragic. quite sad something like that had to happen in this month especially.

I wish you prayers and goodness.
Ramadhan Mubarak.

achmad taher said...

kalo di Indonesia makanan seperti itu seperti masakan Padang (bumbunya rame). lezat sekali hidangan tuk buka puasa...

ツbieaz@bie Azreenaツ said...

banyaknya juadah....hehehe
Selamat berpuasa & berbuka

Cheqna said...


tq for ur wishes.

mmm..u would have enjoyed going to bazaars here then..and end up with lots of food to carry home..hehe..

its always sad to lose d loved ones, and when its sudden n during this particular month, its more so.

anyway, hope all's well with u and u still have d good feelings!


Cheqna said...


kita serumpun banyak persamaan kan? itu sebabnya semasa lawatan ke sana saya tidak menghadapi sebarang masalah..

n saya suka sangat alpukat jus!hehe


Cheqna said...


hehehe..suka makan, nak buat camana..


NICK IRFAN said...

sedapnyer menu2 akak letak kt entry ni... yummy2... tp yg lasy sedih plak tgk....

windflowers said...

its nice...:)

TK said...

First day puasa tu kat sini mcm nak ribut gak.
I kat Batu Buruk masa tu. Kebetulan dgn anak je. Hubby I terus call suruh balik..
I terpaksalah bertandang ke bazaar..a must everyday kat bazaar batu buruk..

Cheqna said...


dik, sorry ye kalau terliur masa puasa.


Cheqna said...


nicer to eat it..hehehe.


Cheqna said...


oh, ye ke? hope now dah okay..n u all selamat nak keluar..

sebenarnya another reason tak gi bazaar ~ "malas" dah nak bersiap keluar rumah bila dah balik tu..hehehe..


n@jwamz said...

Ya Allah...sedapnyer..
kejap lagi nk berbuke...yes!!

-slmt berbuke darl...(T_T)

lina@happy family said...

My condolences to all victims...

It's a yummy home buffet :)

Cheqna said...


ideas untuk next berbuka may be?

and tqvm!


NICK IRFAN said...

eh! xde ape biasa je... lgpn masa bulan puasa tgk mknan ni biasa je sbb jiran depan umah dgn sebelah umah x puasa! adoi hari2 dorg makan ayam tayang kt sy! sdih..

P/s=lupa plak? bkn jiran sy anak2 dorg la smua 3/4thn

Ana Cristina said...

Hello Cheqna, thanks for your visit and comments left. I wish I'd never meet a croc like that in my life... LOL...

Amni said...

erk? bila tu? hum.. kat sini tak de bazaar... huuu.... sedih je...

Cheqna said...


hehehe..jangan lah tengok yg kecik2 tu, if budak2 besar lastik sikit..hehe..


Cheqna said...


hahaha..i dont wish to meet any crocs as well!

keep smiling..


Cheqna said...


buat "bazaar" sendiri, pakat dgn kawan2 or jiran2, tak payah beli, tukar2 food, dapat buffet special..hehe

selamat berbuka!


Cheqna said...


surely this is a sad time to the family..

All-Mighty, the Ever-Living said: "Every soul shall taste death."

we can hope that the family are strong..

NENSA MOON said...

Wah... keliatannya mee rebus buatan Cheqna lebih best daripada si cef Wan itu... hahaha... sure Cheqna...I even can smell it from here...

met puasa Cheqna, semoga lancar puasanya!!

Cheqna said...

Nensa dear,

You made my day saying that, I'm grinning now...chef Wan sure terkejut..hehehe...

Thank you my fren..semoga puasa kita dan amalan lainnya juga berjalan dengan mudah and lancar...amiin.



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