Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rugby Weekend @ Kuala Kangsar

It was a "MCKK Premier 7s 2011" rugby event..hehe...not the kind of game that I watch or know much about :-)

But as my nephew Nazeem  had decided to stay in school and support his school team, we decided to go there instead.

The video that I took on Sunday ~ testing the "new" handycam..the outcome was not good..moving all over..haha..


They won this game 15 - 12, eventually went into final but I was told that they lost...better luck next time boys!


We went to Kuala Kangsar on Saturday, picked up Nazeem n friends, and drove down to Ipoh...,

and spoiler no 3 was :

That night we were invited by a friend of mine who was visiting her son for an "adventurous" dinner ~ drove to Kuala Sepetang for the famous "mee udang" (prawn noodles) ~ I actually didn't know that the area was well-known for that dish :)

Google image ~ Mine looked almost like this :

Spoiler no 4..oh oh, but Alhamdulillah for the treat, may Allah SWT bless my friend and her family.

Before we left for KL, we took Nazeem n some of his friends out for lunch at the pizza place..we were actually out-voted, wanted to have local lunch at one resort but they voted for pizza...haha..

(From left : Hazman, Faizul a.k.a Benjo, Nazeem and Hafeez)

Mine was seafood 5!..hehehe...

(Memang lazat..hehehe..)

Leaving them behind after our lunch, I'm touched and thankful that

(1) Nazeem still hugged me in front of his friends...

and that,

(2) his friends are the polite lots...

hope they'll remain good friends till d end..

Like I'm blessed to have good friends...




  1. 1st : all the foods looked sinfully good i cant blame u for eating.
    2nd: count yourself lucky to have a nephew like nazeem.
    3rd: wow ..hes in MCKK!!
    4th : i'm going to look for mee udang after this!
    5th : ki$$ as usual hehehe

  2. Entering final is already a great achievement, right? Applause to your nephew and the team :)

    The food looks yummy...

  3. Wow!the prawn mee looks delicious.

  4. yummy...delicious :)
    lasagna my favourite..

  5. We had family reunion at kuala sepetang a few years ago. Tidor kat chalet dlm hutan bakau d situ, my MIL was the oldest generation alive at the time, 800-1000 family members turned up. We had mee udang too at the time.

  6. thanx a lot che na n che the post..luv always! <3

  7. sedapnyer makanan dlm ni.. hehe

  8. Waliz,

    thanks to all 5! hope u have had your mee udang by now..hehe


  9. Lina,

    how true and they should be proud of it.


  10. Thomas,

    the looks that can lead to an extra excercise..hehe


  11. Bie,

    lasagna mmg delicious..I need to stay away from it..haha..


  12. I.A,

    wow..u all managed to get that many for the family reunion? how fortunate..

    Alhamdulillah...may the family ties remain.


  13. Nik 101,

    thanks dear, take care.


  14. Nick,

    hehe..seperti biasa dik, makanan yang sedap dimakan, tak sedap pada peningkatan badan..


  15. how lucky! not the food or the mee udang but the fact that your son still hugs you in public and have some nice friends :)

  16. Papabear,

    he's my 14 yr-old nephew, and yes..I'm blessed indeed.




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