Friday, 25 February 2011

Spoilers : Cakes and chocolates


It was Saf's birthday yesterday ~ all d best wishes and may u always be blessed by Allah SWT, amiin.

When Mas knew about that, she bought few slices of yummy cakes for a mini celebration - at the bowling arena..hehe..

and I bought the coffee..I love it!

Felt guilty when I'd just started my so-called "diet" (haha..)

But my friends and I came to the conclusion that the spoonful(s) of cakes I ate led me to score 135 with 3 strikes in a row!..hehe..

So for the tournament someone should bring some cakes for me (hint! hint!)



A weekend away : visiting Nazeem...If normally I made cakes or biscuits for him, this time decided to make chocolates..

Filled with nutella and hazelnuts.

Strawberry flavoured.

Rice krispies bars (again..)

Packed away for him.. :-)



Cat-in-Sydney said...

I'm sure we can arrange for some cakes just for you on tournament day. But, what if you don't score? purrrr.....meow!

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

yea yea..that'll boost my confidence...

mmm...even if I don't score the points, consider I'd have scored on the kgs..hehehe..


i amsterdam said...

When is the tournament? Just calculating how much you might add on the kgs he..he..he..

Cheqna said...


hehehe..from previous years' records, its roughly going to be in mid-year, few more months to practice, few more slices of cakes to go(in me)..

so more kilometers to cover in my bicycle rides!


absolutely emy said...

saya ada tournament bowling juga nanti.. how much of cake should i eat to win the tournament aaaa??

rice krispies bars tu.. sungguh menikam sukma.. erkkk..

Cheqna said...


it might not work on you but eat as many yummy slices as you want..hehehe..

bila tournament? good luck ye.

buat lah bars tu, senang je :-)

papabear said...

more and more yummylicious food here! any news on the diet plan? hehehehe...

Aishah said...

I am on a diet too, I eat what I see and these look like a wonderful diet food;)

Cheqna said...


hand in hand..but at the moment the scale on food side is winning, but diet and exercise is catching up..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


love your spirit, these certainly are wonderful for my diet..hehe :)

suri skaliskaLa said...

sedappnyaaaa dear :)
mai hntar sinih skit XD

Cheqna said...


mai sinilah, boleh ajarkan..chewahh macam pandai je..hehehe..



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