Saturday, 11 December 2010

My "Lost" is... company's gain :-)

I normally don't like to venture out of my comfort whenever I have to drive by myself, 50% chances are that I'd get lost...hehe..

However, its still bearable until recently when I had to miss having yummy chocolate eclairs for the brunch with my girlfriends.

(Imagine missing these yummy choc eclairs...)

It was so close and yet so far.. after few rounds and few misses around PJ area,

I decided to just leave for home...

~ with headache, hungry and feeling frustrated!


And so, off to Plaza Low Yatt and bought this GPS..

I was so happy and looking forward to "not getting lost".. :-)

But somehow it didn't worked, had to go back and got it replaced with a different version.

So far so good..

but of course I haven't had the chance to try much...

with my office within a walking distance..haha..



papabear said...

fuyyo dah ada GPS device nih! so boleh ler datang umah jumpa diah and ambil cupcakes... hahaha

i amsterdam said...

Now u will not miss your choco eclairs brunch ever again :)

Cheqna said...


provided I'm patient enough to study it..haha

wow..cupcakes..."kacau daun" my diet (can u believe that?..nak makan choc eclairs tak rasa guilty pulak.hehe..)


Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

the thing is, that special ladies-brunch time at that particular spot is only once in a blue moon...

waaa..have to wait a long time for next one!


Unknown said...

tgk gambar mula2 pun dh lapo? hehehe

Cheqna said...


sama lah kita dik, pantang tengok gambar makanan..hehehe


thomas said...

Wah! dapat gadget baru,tapi jgn ikut 100%,95% cukuplah sebab kadang2 boleh masuk salah jalan.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

You're shocking! My Mama asked, what did you get for geography last time? Anyway, once upon a time there was this hotel in Malacca that serves 1 foot long eclairs....yeah...drool.... Maybe they still do, just that we haven't been there for ages. purrrr.....meow!

Jolly Princess said...

Wow! You already had an early Christmas treat. Nice! :)

Cheqna said...


hehe, betul tu, shouldn't rely much on that.

"on the next intersection turn left" where's left junction?..

????..still confuse..haha


Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

REALLY?????'ll go recce with your mama when she's back here next..we won't get lost with my new GPS, kan?..hehehe

my geog? lets ask Poyah!


Cheqna said...


..making a hole in my own bank account is more like it, hehehe


Nana said...

Hehe...I was told that women are bad at remembering locations. Getting lost is normal in my case too.
So, what I usually do is...I make sure I leave early every time to compensate being 'lost' time so to make me punctual for the occasion. Hahaha. Cause I am really hopeless!!

Multibrand said...

Hi Cheqna,

Congrats for the new GPS.
I am sure that from now on you would not get lost going anywhere in PJ, KL, Subang etc.

Cheqna said...


at least I'm not alone..girls "power"!..hehe.

good advice there, leave early..n for me kena standby "minyak angin", cepat pening kepala..haha..


Cheqna said...

Hi Multibrand,

thank you, thank you, hope so and save from getting unneccesary headaches..

yesterday's trip to Putrajaya not so bad, next challenge is to Shah Alam next week..hehe


TK said...

Hi! How come I baru je noticed this post?? Ketinggalan betul i ni..
I suka dgr suara lady GPS tu but most of the time I would ignore her esp when I was speeding hehe.
Good for you ada GPS. I, kalau kat KL or PJ ada GPS pun sesat! I am so bad at remembering directions.
I was in Low Yatt last Friday. My favourite place tu..

Cheqna said...

Hello TK,

I terlambat post pun so dont worry..belum ketinggalan keretapi..hehe.

my sesat? not only here, in KT pun sometimes boleh sesat or end up taking longer routes, haha..that's why prefer my sister yg bawak we all ronda2 there, dia mmg terer.

Low Yatt best tapi bila dah congested tu I akan pening, also mata rambang with all d gadgets..hehe.


NARDtheNERD said...

new gadget laaa..


Bie said...

wowww GREAT NEW GPS!! awesome. best juga guna benda ni kan hehehe.

Kat sini takyah guna benda nih jalan je sampai tak sesat tuh la buhsan tak mencabar!! :(

waliz said...

next time pakai drebar boleh la bergps kalo nak carik i kat seremban :))

pssst..chocs enclairs looked so sinfully good!!

Cheqna said...


one of few new things that i got this year...

bocor poket..and tokey2 kedai ketawa all d way to the banks..hehe


Cheqna said...


ye lah, bila fikir balik, sesat tu satu i dah kalah lah dalam cabaran ni...

so no "amazing race" for me..haha.


Cheqna said...


nice thots on d driver..hehe..

Seremban? I'm invited to go there soon for a kenduri..up to toll still okay, the rest will need the GPS (but where to go? even GPS cannot help as my friend has yet to sms me her new home address..hehehe..)

~ eclairs sinful to my body as well.haha


absolutely emy said...

My hp gps often show the right way to me, but i had once a bad experience in melacca, where my gps told me to turn left few times, but on my left side was the laut cina selatan sea.. So should I jump with the gps or should i trust my heart :)
Anyway welcome to shah alam, a place with plenty roundabouts (-_-)y

Blogging and More said...

LOL your post is fun :) GPS helps me most of the time too.

YtS said...

Nice GPS. I need one myself

absolutely emy said...

eh.. bukan laut cina selatan.. selat melaka je.. :P

Cheqna said...


may be you didn't see the hidden route through that Laut Cina Selatan? girl, u missed that journey to d mystery world..hehehe.

thank u..few times that I had to go to Shah Alam, I certainly needed the "human GPS" ~ someone always guided or picked me up from somewhere..haha


Cheqna said...

Blogging n m..

yea yea..I'm not shy-shy now in admitting that I needed d GPS..hehe..


Cheqna said...


thank u for dropping by.

u managed to get to this blog without the GPS, right?

then u are okay..hehehe..


Cheqna said...


alamak..I got caught there..(my fren Cats' mama would ask me again about my geog if she reads that!..hahaha)

still, u missed that mystery "into" Selat Melaka route then, what more Melaka is full of historical sites...hehe


absolutely emy said...

nevermind.. i prefer missed the mystery journey.. coz i dont want to bring my family drowning under the sea with me..

history is history.. leave them alone.. hehehe.

Cheqna said...


so I won't ever see u singing "Puteri Bunian"..macam dalam crita P.Ramlee tu ek?..hehe


Nitin said...

nice .. lovely GPS.

Cheqna said...


hi..long time no see you here...

yes, certainly is..and hope it helps me..hehe



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