Thursday, 16 December 2010

"Kuih Bakar"

With my colleagues, we went to visit an ex-office mate at her house when we got to know that she was scheduled for an operation to remove a cyst.

Whilst talking, we were served with 'kuih bakar' by her family member :

(google image).

I've had it before, and not really in favour of it...but that day I thought it was extra "umph" ~ (must be because I hadn't had my lunch - had take-away KFCs in the car, planned to have it in d office afterwards...hehehe).

No really, it was yummy and after the 3rd slice [ ~ visiting sick friend or what? :) ]
...I asked for d recipe..hahaha..

It sounded easy enough so a few days later, tried my hands in making it..

My first attempt was not too bad but its too I tried again during the weekend, reducing the sugar.

mmm..much better :)

Supposed to bake it using something like this bakeware :

But couldn't find something similar (need to "overhaul" my store!..hehe),
so I used the cupcake's baking tray instead :

Took this photo while its still hot in the oven :

But by the time it has cooled down...


Not too bad.. I'm giving a slight pat on my own shoulder.


Anyway today, just before I left the office for home, I was informed that the operation that was done this morning had been successful and she has now been transferred to a normal ward.

Alhamdulillah...praying for her speedy recovery...



I amsterdam said...

He..he..he.. Cheqna, your version looks like hmmm... apok2 ???

I hope it tastes better than it looks :D

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Guane jadi serupa akok tuh? purrrr.....meow!

TK said...

Ye la Cheqna, cam Akok!
Nampak rich and moist sikit..
Memang sedap la tu!

I amsterdam said...

Ooops akok ye???

absolutely emy said...

macam akok.. rasa mesti sedap... macam rangup2 diluar lembut didalam sebab saiz dah kecil.. congrate !

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

that's what I told my friend..taste not too bad, but can't make bzness from it yet..hehehe


Cheqna said...

Mama Cats,

u know I don't usually follow strictly to cooking methods, that's why lah can be (*wink, wink*) "chef serba boleh" ~ boleh jadi or boleh tak jadi.



Cheqna said...


its in between kuih bakar and akok, soft but not enuf to be an akok...

should re-name it lah..."bakar semi-akok"..hehe


Cheqna said...


ha ah fav. masa bulan puasa, tapi lama juga tak beli..

but now that I can make the "semi-akok" tu, rugi lah penjual akok..hehe


Cheqna said...


thank u fren..ha ah, senang nak makan, tak payah potong2..jimat masa u...

sedap tu tak tau lah but of course chef ni kata sedap..hehe..nanti ilang mood masuk dapur. :)

NARDtheNERD said...

i suka juga kuih ni...



NICK IRFAN said...

kuih ni sy paling suka! selalu beli kat pasar malam

papabear said...

kuih bakar if ada rangup2 on the side... that's my favorite :)

hyt said...

share laa resepi..

peah @ peps said...

Cheqna!!! pat your shoulder loveeeee kuih bakar..but not the too-sweet-one...

marvellous! marvellous!

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Nana said...

I love kuih bakar. Yes, most of the time, kalau beli kat pasar malam it is very sweet! So, adjustment to the sweetness would make a perfect dessert for me! Yummm!

Cheqna said...


kalau selalu sangat makan terlebih manis pulak dalam badan..biar lebih dalam senyuman..hehe


thomas said...

During my younger days in Kuantan,
i used to buy those green pandan flavoured ones normally made by Terengganu folks.

Cheqna said...


oh. mesti dah jadi pembeli kesayangan makcik yang jual kuih ni ye..hehe


Cheqna said...


betul jugak kan..jangan hangus dah..hehe


Cheqna said...


ha ah ye, terlupa la pulak nak letak resepi kat situ..nanti ek.


Cheqna said...

Cik Peah,

"marvellous! marvellous!" ~ teringat watak budak Jarjit Singh dalam Upin Ipin..haha


Cheqna said...


it seems that ramai juga suka this kuih eh? lah should reduce the sugar intake, jaga kesihatan.


Cheqna said...

Thomas, there any other flavour?..hehe..I truly don't know.


NARDtheNERD said...


kuih bakar lagi??

Cheqna said...

Naddy, laa sikit over d weekend sis, makan pun yang tunjuk2 je,



Hakeem said...

cheqna, boleh kirim ke tempat ku ...
duh... sedap-nya ....

Cheqna said...


boleh dikirim resepinya ye..mudah aje



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