Friday, December 24, 2010

Another set (updated 26.12.10)

Through this post, Nick Irfan gave away these awards to his readers who left comments on his previous post...

[haha..I'm really talkative online eh papabear?]

Before he goes "majuk kang" (sulking?), I'm posting it here (yes Nick, all 5 of it) to show my appreciation..thanks dik!

The last one came with questions :

1. Apa yang bermain di fikiran anda sekarang?
(What's on your mind now?)

2. Apakah nama samaran anda ??
(What's your nickname?)

3. Senaraikan 3 nama yang anda sayang ..?
(Name 3 of your loved ones)

4. Panggilan untuk si dia ??
(How do your refer/call that special someone?)

5. Hadiah yang diimpikan dari yang istimewa ??
(What do you wish to receive from that someone?)

6. Blog mana yang paling suke visit..??
(Blog that you love most to visit?)

...but I'm not answering..hehe


p/s ~ awarding to everyone who's reading this, my way of appreciating all..please feel free to take one, two or all 5 (not 3 or 4 eh..hehe)

Adding 1 more from aqeyLs (thank u!)


  1. banyakknyer award..
    memang talkative la cheqna nih..

  2. amik award kamooo ok:)

    di belogs aqeyLs

  3. thnkz kak! syg akak.. ops! hahahahhaha eh! nape x jawab soalan tersebut?? hmm... rahsia ek?

  4. Bie,

    tq tq..hehe..dah ambik ke? :-)

  5. Emy,

    talkative online je..bila jumpa kna jaga suara..haha


  6. Mancai,

    hehe..saje suka2...appreciate all :-)

  7. Cik Peah,

    sila sila..jangan malu2 ek.. :-)

  8. Lina,

    it is..they make me happy, and hope making others happy too :-)

  9. JP,

    thank u very much my fren :)

  10. Nick,

    thank u dik..

    ha ah..rahsia...tau tak pe...hehehe


  11. oh do not worry about being talkative on the blogosphere... the more the merrier and you will always be welcome to make lots of noise at my blog :)

  12. papabear,

    thank u!..I know that yours is one of the blogs where I can do that without being ban..hehehe


  13. anda dpat award sila ambik di



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