Friday, December 3, 2010

"Almond London" - the discovery

I was given this free box of "Almond London" biscuit by the owner of the bakery before the eid break..but have not tried any of it as I don't really like "raya" biscuits..hehe

A few days ago, had another round of chocolate cravings but couldn't find any supply of chocolates in the the last option was to have this... :)

It looked yummy.....and it was..mmmm...

If only I had known earlier, this biscuits are there no more..hahaha

By the time I finished taking these shots, a few had gone in me.. :-)))

Pity that the bakery is going to move soon, but to a better wishing her all the best!



p/s ~ I wonder why its called "Almond London"? hehehe..


  1. maybe many londener like to eat almonds kot
    and the cookies made from almond kan

  2. Aunty Cheqna!!!

    You never tried it before??? Imagine what you have been missing all these years!!!

    I love anything chocolate...

    Love - Ilham :))

  3. cookies... (say that with the cookie moster from sesame street style) and check out

  4. I love chocolate myself. The only problem is, it triggers my migraine attack. :)

  5. Alien,

    "londoners" guests for raya?..hehe..

    should create "alien pistachios biscuit" pulak, kan?


  6. Ilham dear,

    this auntie had tried it before but didn't like it, this batch somehow made me crave for more..hehe

    or may be...this is "last abuk kuih"..that's why it tasted much better..

    and also could be that i'm afraid that you might want to come over and finish it off as you love anything with chocolates..haha..


  7. Papabear,

    errr...I have to google for that (as I haven't watch sesame street for a long time..hehe)


  8. JP,

    really?..mmm pity you..hope its not too serius.

    so...., can I have yours if ever you received chocolates?..hehehe


  9. Hi Cheqna..

    We r on the same page...I don't favor London Almond as well..hehehe...kalau yg cheqna makan tu sedap...guess i shall have it a try..

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  10. Hi Cik Peah,

    I guess the rest of our family members are happy that we don't go for London Almond..they would get more for themselves..hehehe..




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