Sunday, January 23, 2011

Eggs = Life

(Have been on leave since Thursday...4 days and wishing that its not Sunday night yet..)

Watched NatGeo this evening on turtles and it reminded me of the campaign carried out by WWF Malaysia (previous post ~ here)

Watching the documentary and this video, and I thought on how we could sucked out the egg flesh from the shell last time...

(my friend at WWF would be happy to know that we have given up on eating turtle eggs)

Actually, when I did the search for turtle video, found this first :-)

("The Turtles ~ Happy Together".)

and of course, there's this...


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SIS HAS...semoga diberkati usia, sentiasa di dalam redha n rahmat Allah SWT, berbahagia di dunia and akhirat..amiin

~ a bit late in texting her this morning...her reply? "Ah finally from you! Haha. Tq beloved sis!" (she's sweet as ever, been great knowing her since she became my senior in school)

...I did normally texted my wishes at midnite..hehehe..

and being that today is Sunday, sorry that I couldn't spend the time having birthday lunch with her as I did with sis Yatie :-)


  1. Cats dear..hehe..u know me well...purrfect round :-)

  2. used to be able to egg those turtke eggs but no more...

  3. papabear,

    no more purchase? thumbs up! :-)

  4. Never eaten a turtle egg in my life, so no guilty feeling for me he..he... Ayu will be so pleased :D

    btw, the vid happy together is so cute :)

  5. There have been very few turtle visit to Terengganu for sometime,
    could noise from offshore oilrigs be the cause? as turtles are very sensitive.

  6. I.A,

    yes she would be pleased for that...for us, to stop eating is a feat, lots of supply of turtle eggs when we were small and there was no conservation then, for some its just like eating chicken eggs.

    My sister said now when she'd d thot of eating it, Ayu's face wld come to mind..hehe

    effective eh?


  7. Thomas,

    that's what my friend said, ie fewer and decreasing number of turtles over the years..the noise could be one of the contributing factors.

    But I hope with the splendid job they are doing now, in 30-40 years, the baby turtles would come back here as their nesting area.

  8. I have never tasted turtle egg. How does it taste like? ;) We all makan telur ayam dan telur itik jer. Even telur puyuh, my hubby finds it intolerable! So there goes one of my favorites!

  9. The baby turtle is sooo cute! (lol)

  10. area kat kampung saya kat daerah manjung, perak ada satu tempat konservasi penyu. Anak2 penyu sangat comel :)

  11. Bie never eaten a turtle egg!!tengok je hehe...

    Happy besday to her.... :)

  12. wah!happy besday to sis has...hihi
    best tue pizza!
    lama dah xmkn nie

  13. Nana,

    telur penyu a bit like telur masin cuma lembut bhgn putihnya.. chewah..ingat lagi tu rasanya..hehe

    telur puyuh suka jugak..masak sambal or makan dgn kicap je :-)

  14. Bob,

    dah terlambat nak makan, lets support WWF..hehe


  15. JP,

    that's why I went " cld i eat the eggs?"..when i saw the video


  16. Emy,

    oh, kat Manjung ada ye..tak join ke? n betul, comel2 je masa baby :-)

  17. Bie,

    teruskan tengok2 je..jangan teringin nak makan pulak lepas ni ek..hehe

    n tq on behalf.


  18. Ifa,

    jom mkn pizza kat bando KT :-)



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