Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Turtle Rapper n Conservation

Cute video I found on youtube, hope the song is not an offensive one :-)

This reminds me of a friend who works at Ma' Daerah, with WWF-Malaysia for the "Turtle conservation in Malaysia". I'm proud of what she's doing, "Tabik spring"(salute) to her... a switch from a corporate lawyer in K.L to living in a small town of Dungun, Terengganu...(oops...its Kerteh, not Dungun as she pointed out..hehehe..sorry,sorry!)

mmm....partly b'cos of her that I'm more conscious with the environment issues... especially she'd always remind me not to eat turtle eggs whenever we go back to kampung...nope, we haven't eaten it for quite a while now, as I'd picture her "scolding" me!..ha ha ha.

after few years, she has a much better grasps of the local dialect than me, a Terengganu lass....latest words taken from one of her emails - "keto pala", "lok bodo", "ngelah", "beleng", "jeng kuwek"....hehehehe...

best wishes to her with her project!..this is my small contribution in helping out to promote the conservation :

Help Save Lives With Just One Signature!

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"Turtles play a critical role in keeping marine ecosystems healthy; the same ecosystems which sustain our fisheries and tourism industries that provide food and livelihoods for millions of people. Marine turtles are threatened with extinction due to various factors, we must conserve them. "

Petaling Jaya, 21st April 2009 – WWF-Malaysia today launched the “Egg=Life” campaign aimed at improving the protection of marine turtles in Malaysia.

The campaign, which will run from Earth Day 22nd April to 30th September 2009, targets to gain pledges from 40,000 members of the public. People who sign up in support of WWF-Malaysia’s “Egg=Life” campaign will pledge to:

~ support laws that will ban the sale and consumption of all turtle eggs throughout Malaysia
~ support the call for comprehensive and holistic Federal legislation to conserve marine turtles
~ never consume turtle eggs, or trade in turtles or their parts

Anyone can sign up to support the campaign and help our marine turtles at

Organisations and colleges that would like to undertake signature drives in support of the campaign can contact WWF-Malaysia for educational materials and postage-paid hardcopy sign-up forms.

[note : I've done my part :-) ]

Confirm Petition Signature - WWF: Egg=Life Campaign

Your signature has now been added to the petition. Thank you.

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p/s - my fren during her diving trip recently, I've asked her permission to put this here in my blog, thank u! errr....dont have to pay u right? he he he... :-)

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