Monday, 7 May 2012

Physically active.

A good friend recently said that she was happy that I'd decided to be physically active this year.

One ~ because I've started to practice bowling actively..hehe..

(A new pair of bowling shoes, my first ever ~ this year's birthday gift from my family - thank you very very much for this, love it. Love you all more!)

But not too serious that I want to buy the ball as my bowling friends insisted!..hehehe

Two ~ because I'd decided to join the marathon next month (here)

(Sent this photo to my sister during the walkathon event, she thought that I was feeling tired after the know now it was not eh?...but it was me sitting down and waiting for the kids (here) to reach the finishing line!...hahaha..I was cheating)

Anyway, now I know where to practice for the marathon :

@ the Metropolitan Park

Beautiful place, and I'd just discovered it...



i amsterdam said...

Happy belated birthday !!! Sooo sorry, every year I miss though I know it's April... such a bad friend I am!!!

Love your bowling shoes!!!

Cheqna said...

Forgetting birthdays not making u a bad friend..u still remember me all year round right? That's more important :-D

Thank u, I love the shoes too, using it at least once a week.

Wan Sharif said...

Nice pictures you have there... Would have love to know the name of those palm trees.. I am going to make it my hobby.. To know palm trees.. Especially those endemic to Trengganu.. Now that tak leh gi mancing dan main pingpong or badminton.. Sakit bahu.. Get to get to know more about those palm tree.. Palas, pinang, kabung, nibong..for example.. Have to learn how to good pictures.. Tapi cuma nak pakai i pad muahaha..


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