Sunday, 6 May 2012

One that I didn't get..

Have covered almost 80km in 2 days ( ~ a lot if compared to mileage of about 15km or lesser during my 5 weekdays as the office is just nearby and I seldom go out of the area..hehe), and if I'd gone to Cyberjaya for our alumni event this morning, the mileage recorded would be much higher :-D

Settled few things/chores that needed to be done during the weekend but no photo session today so posting the ones that I took yesterday :

The kids from one orphanage house that took part ~ late arrival (the bus that brought them took a wrong route) :

After event - doing a "chicken dance" :

What I didn't get ~ the certificate...hehehe...



noname said...

'chicken dance' ye!, semua peringkat umur kalau pi PLKN, Kem Bina Semangat, Kem Motiwasi mesti tau, saya & anak-anak kalau cakap ayam (chicken) tetiba semua 'chicken dance', mak xbrapa nak betoi, mcam tulah Cheqna.. he..he..

Cheqna said...

I actually didn't know about this "chicken dance" until I attended our alumni function in school last year..its quite cheeky and I quite like it..watching but not joining it haha..



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