Thursday, May 31, 2012

Of friends and...............crab?

Thankful for :

~ A dear friend for taking some time off her busy schedule to call and give me some advice.

"I took a break."

Mr. Google image

Anyway, praying that my friend will recover from her flu and get well real soon.

~ I have two friends in "whatsapp" (here) now..yea yea...

Mr. Google image

...hope my family will use it (and "Skype") soon so that I can save on my phone bills....hahaha..

~ Thirdly, for these.....had been craving for it for many many weeks...hehehe.

Fried in batter.

Fried crab, tofu and tomato/cucumber, with soy flavoured chilli sauce.

Top with tea, with mint leaves and honey whilst updating this blog.



  1. that crabs turn me on..hehee
    no la..suddenly craving for it too.. ><

  2. Cheqna,
    Did you just mention crab???? Aaaarrrrggghhh....!!! Nak jugak! purrr....meow!

  3. Tea and crab. Oh, man, Cheqna - I am craving already!

  4. the tea with mint tea immediately reminds me to somali tea kak cheqna... sedapnye...



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