Friday, 6 April 2012

Weekend eve..

Just now was feeling rather blue,
And didn't know what to do,

Before I start to yawn.
Thought of cooking omelette with prawn,

I'd yet to unfold my legs,
When I remembered there were no eggs,

But on the stove now are some cubed rice,
Having that for lunch tomorrow would be nice.

For tonight need to have the supper,
Can't go to sleep with hunger,

So I boiled some water,
Going to dip those biscuits cracker.

** Have a pleasant weekend everyone **



George said...

There's nothing more discouraging than not having what is needed for a meal we're wanting. But I hope you have a great weekend.

roffe said...

Thanks.Have a great weekend, you too..

i amsterdam said...

Hahh.. have nice weekend and it rhymes nicely :D

Cheqna said...


As I love omelette with prawns, it really frustrate tomorrow need to do some grocery shopping.

and I hope for a great weekend, thank you.


Cheqna said...


thank you.


Cheqna said...

psst psst... I.A dear,

I'm going to make the lontong tomorrow..hehe.. :-)

thomas said...

that's a very simple meal,
i have 3 in 1 nestum cereal for dinner.

Cheqna said...


The crackers are normally the option when I don't have any idea what to have for dinner or supper. :-)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Isn't it disgusting when you 'want' a certain food --and find that you don't have all of the ingredients... George and I make our weekly shopping list ahead of time --and go to the grocery store ONCE a week. If we run out of something or forget to get it, we just make do with what we have on hand...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wan Sharif said...

Ha writing poem agaknya.. I knew you are one of the clever one

MumMe said...

perfectly said...makes me smile...

Cheqna said...

Hi Betsy,

It sure is..and as of tonight I've yet to go and get the egss..hehe

Thank you, hope you are too!


Cheqna said...

Am not a clever one,
I leave the poetry to Ninot and Cats, tuan.

But glad you enjoyed my writing,
For next one you may have to do some waiting.



Cheqna said...

hehehe...keep on smiling!



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