Friday, 27 April 2012

Sea sport activity

I'd finished packing my things and decided to snap few views before our departure.

My friend who was with me at the balcony remarked, "you are just like a paparazzi" ....just because of the continuous clicking sound of the pictures taken.

I said to her that I didn't know why.."I'd set my setting to detect of the movements?"....(coincidentally I was shooting the boating activities.)

HAHAHAHA....We really had a good laugh when I realised that I'd unknowingly set the camera setting to "multiple shots"!

Auto-detect indeed!!!..hehehehe...



blogtilldrop said...

very nice indeed!!!

George said...

This is a marvelous sequence, even if you did get some of these pictures by accident.

Cheqna said...

I like it too! :-)

Cheqna said... at least I know what to do..and I'd used that few times during my recent trip, capturing the waves, flying birds etc :-D


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