Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Another "thon"

What have I got myself into? Hadn't finished giggling with some friends that I met this evening over my estimated 4-hour timing for the up-coming marathon (here), when I committed myself to another kind of "thon".....the walkathon! haha..

When one good friend said her charity organisation would be planning a walkathon sometime before the marathon, I said why not, "count me in"...,

Oopss???..."biar betul"(=am I hearing right??) I think my sister would say..hehehe...

Well..., the spontaneous response might be due to feeling guilty over this indulgences :-) ,

So so yummy...mmmmm

3 of these for the 4 of us, less guilty..hahaha... :-)


We actually had that after an unscheduled get together...this afternoon I received a text message about a paternal grandmother of another friend who passed away in the hospital, so some of us went to give our last respect...

About one hour earlier, my sister had also text to inform me about the passing of our neighbour in KT, who had been ill for quite some time.

Al-Fatihah...may they rest in peace.


ckpah said...

Chegna, good luck in both....he...heee. Don't forget to tag along 'munchies' n mineral water.. Miss the cheese cake though.

Cat-from-Sydney said...

Macam kenal thumbs up tu.... purrr...meow!

misyamissyou said...

ingat marathon SR tadi hehehe

i amsterdam said...

2 "thons" in a row, biar betul Cheqna!!

Cheqna said...

Thank u sis :-)..I'll make sure I'm prepared, mentally and physically..hehe.

Cheqna said...

The black and white dress was the clue :-D

Cheqna said...

Is nikon organising any kinds of "thon"?..hehe


Cheqna said... wondering too how I'm going to cope with that, but for sure I can only start running in May (still deferring the practice..hehe)



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