Tuesday, 28 February 2012

"I choose to be that."

Image from my niece's facebook :

I believe she's able to do that..this happy-go-lucky girl :-D

I tend to worry about things instead of taking them easy..so will try not to think much and let go of all the negativity (thou its hard, hehe),

(Google image)

and so hope for less stress in my life, as I've been for the past months..InsyaAllah.



Cat-from-Sydney said...

Yeah...listen to that cat. Cats are always right, you know.... purrr....meow!

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

bemakna sungguh hehe....

Al-Manar said...

What do I make of your niece? I think you have spoilt her.

Rad Sujanto said...

Oh. what are you currently going through? I hope it is not very serious and fixable.

I also try to stay positive :) It's tough but yea. Hehe

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

I knew it..when I first saw that photo that it would make you "purring"..hehe


Cheqna said...


Masing2 punya pengertian..(mm..betul tak bahasa ni..?)..hehe..


Cheqna said...

Pak Cik Al-Manar,

I admit that some nieces I do spoil more..but this one I seldom meet as she grew up in other places, only now that she's furthering her study in IPTA that we have the chance to meet and keep in touch more often, at the very least through our facebook..


Cheqna said...


Good of you to keep the positive mind!

As for me, I just need to settle things, slowly but surely insyaAllah.



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