Wednesday, February 29, 2012

De-stress activity : bowling

Sent smses to some friends after lunch yesterday, telling them that I felt like going for a  bowling practice later in the evening,

...didn't expect them to join as it was a short notice, but I was glad that one friend said she could follow me if I could pick her up at her house. No problem as it was on the way to the bowling arena, and I appreciate her company.

Luckily the place was not packed and we could play immediately. As I had not played for many months since our celebratory game (we were 1st runner-up last year :-D here), was not expecting to do well...

and my friend and I just went into it without warming up first..hehe..

Surprisingly our scores were not bad, esp. for my friend who said earlier "just throw and wait for luck!"..hehe..

Strike on first throw, and a total of 118..not bad eh? .. hehe

AND I was so excited when on my second game I managed to score a total of 153!

Told my captain that it was "my luck on first training"

The highest score I think so far me..hehehe..,

that's ONE way to de-stress!


[Text from the captain last night : "Keep up with the good score and training! We shall win this year again! (n her smiley)" ~ now I'm nervous..haha..]


  1. Going for a outdoor photo shoot by some deserted rocky beach will be
    a good stress relieving dose for me.

  2. OMG! My dad always says go bowling! it's a cool sport! Ahaha! Now I think I should! I wanna beat your 153! :p hehehe

    I will let you know how I go :p

  3. Ada gak main bowling ni setahun sekali for four straight years.. department get together.. Score paling tinggi pun around hundred aje.. so kalau nak cari pasal dengan you di medan bowling.. Kena practise banyak banyak..;)

  4. Thomas,

    That would be a good one too but I can't go to deserted places, for obvious reason..hehe.


  5. Lina,

    Tq..I felt great that time, happy and forgot about my stress..hehe


  6. Rad,

    Please do..but I'm sure you can do better than me, hehe.


  7. Ayoh Wang,

    hahaha..itu nasib je and masa practice..if during real game jadi debor tak yah cari pasal lah.


  8. dah lama sangat Bie xmain bowling hehe
    kalau main pun masuk longkang je tu yang malas sangat hehehe

  9. Bie,

    seronok lepas geram bila baling, release tension..haha..




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