Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cheese and onion in the house..

Been thinking about the homemade bread I.A made :-D,..then this morning I remembered about my err.."forgotten" food processor (here), and I recalled that it could knead the dough at least..haha..

I googled for recipe and came across cheese and onion pasty, mmm...something that I'd been looking for quite a while ~ I'd loved the ones that I bought and ate when I was a student.

However, the intention to make use of the processor was put on hold when I recalled having some ready made puff pastries in the freezer.. :-)

Puff pastry, ready made :-D

Grated cheese, cooked onion, pepper and salt

I should have added more cheese, hehe :-D

Lots of fillings..hehe..

Pressed the folded puff with fork

Glazed with beaten egg

After 25 minutes in the oven @ 200'C

Not bad for 1st try, but lots of room to improve on the fillings, to make it yummier

That was my project after work today, and had that with coffee from The Hague..hehe,




Within few minutes of reading posts in FB tonight, read about two death announcements, first one was about the brother-in-law of a friend, who was drowned and the second one was another friend's uncle, due to old age.

Semoga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmat ke atas ruh mereka...may they rest in peace..amiin.


Cat-from-Sydney said...

I demand that you make this for Saturday....har har har *evil laughs*

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

I might you know, but don't blame me if anything goes wrong..har har har (borrowing from you)


thomas said...

Cheese onion,tak pernah cuba.

Cheqna said...


its quite okay actually, thou mine last night have yet to reach the taste level that I was looking forward to.

(after reading that now I think Cats having 2nd thot in asking me to bake for her this Saturday..haha..)


i amsterdam said...


Hmmm looks yummy, I never try making homemade pastry before... senang tak?

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

that's readily made, bought from the shop not mine..I don't know whether senang or not..hehehe..


ツ Bieaz ツ said...


rajinnya pasnie boleh buat untuk Bie pulak hehehe

Cheqna said...


Bila you free nak datang, kita main masak2 kat dapur, jadi masterchefs..hehe..



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