Sunday, 22 November 2009

At long last..

I've kept on wishing that i had one in my kitchen every time i watched chefs on food channel used their food processors.. that I told my frens that if they had plan to give me gifts, please get me one of those...he he he...

...but finally I found a simple one whilst out shopping on Saturday, and it was on sale :-)

ta daa!!!

..d first recipe that I tried that evening was beef burger/nugget...

n my simple recipe :

~ minced beef
~ bread crumbs
~ egg
~ carrot
~ onion
~ red chilies
~ spring onion and celery leaves
~ salt and pepper

.my nephew's verdict?..."sedap (good)..."..hehe..


Cat-in-Sydney said...

We didn't know about this particular "wish" of yours. Or else we'll have sent the fairy godmother to grant it...teeheehee...purrr!

Another Blogger said...

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Cheqna said...

Dear Cat...

alamak...i should have "announced" it to a bigger circle..hehehe...

tqvm for wanting to share the fairy godmother...mmmm....what should i wish for next?zzzzzzzzzzzzz.........dreaming.


Cheqna said...

Dear A.B,
tq for your kind drop by again soon..

n tq for the link to ur latest posting! will study it later.



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