Tuesday, 7 February 2012

and now back in KL..

My apologies to dear friends and readers especially friends who left behind their mark ~ leaving some comments on the posts..appreciate it much but so sorry for not being able to reply earlier or paying visits to your blogs.

Today's journey back to KL from KT was a bit tiring, due to a slightly heavy traffic especially by the time we passed through Karak toll...but Alhamdulillah we reached home safely before 7pm.

Anyway, our activities in KT :

@ Pasar Payang ("Payang" Market)

Batik, Sutera(silk) and songket

Food, food and more food :-)

@ Taman Tamadun Islam

@ Kristal Mosque

and @ "ICT" :-)



Cat-from-Sydney said...

I demand ICT from you. Now. purrr...meow!

TK said...

Smangatnya you!!! Sampai KL trus hupdate blog..!I, kalau balik KL lama2 rindu nak mkn mkanan tganu..ICT, SCT tu smua my peberet food.

i amsterdam said...

Sedapnya sotong celup tepung wahhh, nak sikit.

Cheqna said...


you have enough supply from your mama..duk diam2..hehe


Cheqna said...


nok buak guane, semangak sekali-sekala..hehe..

I'm homesick for my hometown.. :-)

Cheqna said...


come back here for good, we'll go to KT and I'll give you a treat..we can ask TK to join us there..hehe


Cheqno said...

joint parade bawa 'kawadi' gak ke! he..he (thaipusam).

i amsterdam said...

I'm missing something here, what is ICT? ohhhh get it now ikan CT hehehe

Cheman will be in KL 16-18(tarikh balik x sini sure lak, maybe 19) at Ritz Carlton, area Bukit Bintang- want some Gouda?

lina @happy family said...

It must be a wonderful trip :)

My husband cooks the soup and curry. I'm involved in tasting :D

thomas said...

oh! The Crystal Mosque,i've yet to post up my shots.

Cheqna said...


as always, avoiding the area so pergi cuti2 Malaysia :-)

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

wah wah...I'm so lucky..hehe..I just thought about you when I drank the coffee you gave.

but really, its okay, tqvm for the kind thot.. pls jangan susahkan yourself and CheMan..let him do his work in peace :-D

Cheqna said...


short, tiring but pleasant one, tq.

You both make a great team then, insyaAllah the business will boom!


Cheqna said...


oh, you must have passed my kampung then...thou I think you went there earlier right?

Looking forward to see it through your eyes.


ツ Bieaz ツ said...

last pic buat anak tekak dahaga terus...sedapnya

Cheqna said...


blame that on my niece, she took that picture..hehe


Nana said...

Salam Cheqna,

Wah, bestnya jalan2 Terengganu! I takleh tengok kain batik yang comel2 tu! Tergoda tau. Setiap kali balik KT, tak pernah lepas peluang utk membeli beberapa pasang! I miss the seafood celup tepung tu! Sedapnya!!

Cheqna said...

W'salam Nana,

bukan setakat jalan2 je, balik kampung..sokmolah rindu kampung halaman sekarang ni, cari peluang je balik..hehe.

Masa makan kat ICT hari tu semua macam best je..fresh..but frustrated..tak de ketam :-D


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