Monday, 16 January 2012

Sentimental values...

I was upset and sad recently when I was told that it was not the battery that caused my wristwatch to stop working but something "electronic".. (I didn't get the actual term)

But then, the shop girl being helpful said that I could try to send it for repair at town..and true enough, I did manage to do that...Alhamdulillah.

Why upset over this ordinary and simple looking watch...? It's not even my first watch after all...

Years ago it was my late father who advised me to buy a watch that cost a little bit more "expensive" (than what I budgeted) when I said I wanted to buy one from the first bonus I received from a new job. And he took me to one old shop in K.T and we chose it together.

Classic :-D

It remains my favourite and most of the time I wear it over the new ones that I've acquired or given over the years..

To repair it, I actually went to the same shop that sold me the watch and the watch repairer man said, he remembered selling the brand but its not in production anymore..hahaha...antic!


When I'd just finished my studies, for few months I actually worked as a temporary teacher in my hometown(may be the "aura" is still with me as sometimes people would ask if I'd just come back from school / if I was one..hehe).

I didn't have any basics so every night then I'd "study" the subjects ~ both Malay and English languages (hard ones as I studied accountancy!), geography (luckily its for form 1's..hehe)..and I even got to handle some physical education classes (which saw me one day playing volleyball with the students in my red modern "baju kurung" ~I didn't change the dress but couldn't resist playing..haha..)

I appreciate the experiences (I wonder what happened to my students...especially the naughty ones, ones that were asked to stand outside the classroom when I couldn't managed them, and they pleaded to come in..haha..)

Anyway, even though the monthly pay was not much, my mother advised me to buy something to remember my teaching stint...

...and hence the ring :-)

The first jewellery item that I bought for myself, not that I have many now as I don't wear them mother still reminds me sometimes when she sees me without earrings or bracelet or ring etc..hehe..

Alhamdulillah for their farsighted advises...
(and me for listening...hehe)



lina@happy family said...

They are so valuable. Keep them forever, Cheqna...

Cheqna said...


InsyaAllah..they are indeed my little treasures, ones that keep the memories alive.


FiSh SzeHui said...

aww an old good watch! perhaps you dont have to wear it but just keep it nicely and appreciate its beauty from time to time :)

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Cheqna said...


I'll appreciate it better by wearing it, make me feel closer to my late father :-D

i amsterdam said...

Dear.. it's called LOVE. Glad u can repair it :D

Jolly Princess said...

I understand your feeling for these treasured items. I do the same with the things I cherished most. Simple as they are but the sentimental value is what made them priceless.

thomas said...

It's always nice to have something sentimental which reminds you of the sweet old days and as for those students of yours who always end up standing outside,don't be surprise that some of them make it big in life,
i remember some of my naughty classmates who ended up as businessmen and driving big cars.

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

wahhhh sentimental values sungguh...
simpan elok2 susah nak dapat.. banyak kenangan :)

Cheqna said...


yes, Alhamdulillah for that :-D

Cheqna said...


That's right, the items and the stories behind them are priceless.


Cheqna said...


I surely prayed then they would turned up well..would be interesting to know..but I doubt they'd remember this small time teacher..

and I was "small" physically too then..hehe..


Cheqna said...


Itu lah upset bila rosak and tak boleh nak pakai, so InsyaAllah will look after those two (and others) better after this.


Wan Sharif said...

A sentimental piece to remind you of those days..
My mom saved the money I earned as temporary teacher and gave them all back to me when I went to USM.. As science faculty was in Recsam some 3 miles away from my hostel room... I used the money to buy a motorcycle as I normally missed the early morning bus provided by the varsity.. The bike served me well but I do not have it with me anymore to remind me of those days ;)
P.s . There is one student who from time to time crossed my path here in KL.. to remind me of my younger days :) not to forget the teachers and ustazs who sometime saw me in the street, surau or mosques whenever I visit their areas in vicinity of that school .. Sometimes I have to remind them who I am ( when we met) cos they are much older now.. ;(


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