Thursday, 1 December 2011

Melaka (3) : Night tour of the Historical City

We'd planned to go for Melaka River Cruise that night...

But the queues at the ticket counter and pier were quite long :-(


So instead we went "cruising" to the historical sites by trishaws :

Checking out the price

Off we went in 4 trishaws

Cousins : Amna & Alesya

Aiman wanted to ride with me :-)

Some places that we passed by and had stopped for few minutes :

We thanked these guys who were patient with us, made the journey memorable especially with catchy accompanying songs.

RM25.00 per trishaw for almost 40 minutes was worth it. 

Thumbs up indeed!



lina @happy family said...

Very interesting rides, Cheqna. I'd love to try it :)

Sorry for my late visit...

TK said...

Wah bestnya pegi cruising malam2. Seronok tengok lampu2 bergemrlapan sepanjang jalan. Best! Best! Best!

Al-Manar said...

Endless holidays. How wonderful it is Cheqna.

Cheqna said...


it really was interesting though I was shy at first when people looked at us..hehe..


Cheqna said...


memang seronok..ada pit stops lagi at the tourist attractions..hehe.


Cheqna said...

Pak Cik AL-Manar,

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki..and as my family said, merapatkan hubungan sillaturrahim kekeluargaan kami. InsyaAllah.



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