Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Cruising in Putrajaya...

Not updating here due to not feeling very well since middle of last week, and by Friday had to see a doctor and took a half day off from work to recover.

So that Friday I had not really looked forward to a long weekend of being "not-so-well", and in fact was very tempted to just book a ticket and go back to my hometown..,

..but I didn't and was blessed and thankful instead for family and good friends who spent some of their times with me and that cheered me a lot.

By today I'm getting better ~ very much better,..Alhamdulillah.

Anyway, when on Saturday some family members wanted to go to Putrajaya, I was okay with the idea, hoping the "cuti-cuti Malaysia" would hasten my recovery..and when they suggested going for the cruise at the lake I didn't mind as I'd never taken the ride before.

Ticket counter, we had to take the evening cruise, for a one-hour ride (but I felt it was shorter.)

Wanted to ride this "Dondang Sayang" boat but the weather was not permissible to do so.

The 3 kids who couldn't wait for the cruise :-)

Though I was tired, I enjoyed the cruise where we toured some parts of Putrajaya.

Putra Mosque

The Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque, ( or Iron Mosque)

Some Ministry Buildings

Putrajaya International Convention Centre (Link - here - )

Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana (Perdana Leadership Foundation) - link (here)

and few others :

Thank you dears for the trip.. :-)

Sunday & Monday :

Thanking good friends of mine @LV for the "homestay", and the trip to Bagan Lalang..it was an unforgettable journey and long wait for dinner. :-)

and Chom for inviting me for a feast of "durian pulut", thou I couldnt eat much due to the medication that I had to take later that night.

May you all be blessed by Allah SWT for your good deeds.

Note : Praying for a dear friend of mine who is now in Mekah, performing Umrah with her family (her first time of being there)..and wishing for a wonderful and blessed journey for them all.



kim said...

wow!AWESOME place.. thanks for sharing!

Rad Sujanto said...

Oh, I was expecting to see the cruise/ship, actually! Hehehe

And, Putrajaya looks like a well-organized city judging from the cleanliness of the lake and its surrounding.

BTW, thanks for the compliment on the cake that I made. But, we don't celebrate Xmas as we are Moslems. I just wanted to take advantage of the joyful moment by cheering up the kids during their school holiday :D

Hope you'll get much better soon :D

Cheqna said...


Thank you for dropping by. Glad u like it :-)

Cheqna said...


My sincere apology in making that mistake my friend.

Yes Putrajaya is a "planned" city, I love going there, been there quite few times but there are some places I've yet to see, and with the ongoing developments, I'll sure visit again, InsyaAllah.

Thank you, much better now Alhamdulillah.


Rad Sujanto said...

Alhamdulillah :)

And, no problem, of course, it was totally fine :D

thomas said...

Putrajaya always looks nice,especially through your new lens,
i think i will do it last.

TK said...

I tak pnah lagi cruising kat Putrajaya ni..Kat Tganu pun x pnah cruising2...Maybe one day..

Jolly Princess said...

Great photos! Happy New Year! I hope you are feeling a lot better as you read my notes.:)

Seri Bahasa said...

tempat yang menarik untuk dilawat kalau musim cuti sekolah...best kalau boleh mancing sekali...

Wan Sharif said...

Hope you do get better soon.. There are any more beautiful pictures to be shared here non?.. Comel sunggoh!
I do not know why they called those boats ' dondang sayang'... in Duyong the boat will be referred to as perahu sekoci.. Refering to the type of boat.. Perahu payang, perahu jalur, perahu bedar dll..

ツ Bieaz ツ said...

cruising.... Bie prnh sekali je kat putrajaya :)

-get better soon....-
bie je blm sihat sangat...

Cheqna said...


tq :-)

Cheqna said...


yes, its time to see Putrajaya through your lens. :-)

Cheqna said...


I pun tak berani cruising sebenarnya, in Putrajaya ok b'cos its man made lake, in Terengganu its ocean, debo ambe...hehe..


Cheqna said...


..still coughing but I'm ok now, tq my fren.

Happy New Year to you too!


Cheqna said...

Ayoh Wang,

There are many more areas that I have yet to venture in Putrajaya so yes I believe more beautiful places to see and share.

Thank you, getting better Alhamdulillah, now recuperating in KT...hehe


Cheqna said...


tq sis, hope you'll be well soon, take care!



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