Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend in Port Dickson

Finding myself free for the weekend, I agreed to tag along with my friend's family weekend trip to Port Dickson.

Ferrying her mum and nephews that I picked up from Cheras, we reached there before 12pm on Saturday, all ready as her sister and family had checked in the day before:

Night view of the bungalow that belongs to a banking group.

By the evening some were already in the sea..

..whilst some boys were playing the football.

And me busy snapping away...

That night we had a barbecue with the rest of the families that stayed in the other accommodations within the compound:

This was all that I could managed as I had heavy meal before sunset :-)

I had a good time with them ~ from the day on the beach, barbecue, surprised celebration for Uda's 15th birthday, to watching the kids playing and all...Alhamdulillah.

This two girls were the most excited about the "party"

Watching them played reminded me of the Eid-ul-Fitr night, minus the firecrackers..hehe..

On Sunday, by 2.30pm we made our way back to K.L. It rained heavily somewhere along the way before we reached Cheras but the weather eased after I dropped off my passengers. Alhamdulillah reached home safely about 5.30pm..

Interestingly on the same night I got a call from a relative in Karak...,

"Che Na, any plans for next long weekend? If not, lets go to Melaka?..We'll pick you up".

mmm...VErrryyyy tempting...

If the plan materialised, she has been "warned" about me spending most of the hours with the camera hanging on me...

"Hehe, Che Na's new hobby", she said.




  1. Cheqna ni jalan jalan cari makan sokmo....or lately it's jalan jalan cari gambar? purrr...meow!

  2. Cats dear,

    I shld use that tagline for my trips ~ jalan-jalan cari gambar/(makan)..hehehe..


  3. Media kita,

    memang seronok sesekali keluar daripada kawasan sendiri.


  4. next coming Melaka lah pulak ye, take care!

  5. Cheqno,

    hehe..since I don't have to drive there, I might take up the offer, insyaAllah.



  6. It seems that you're travelling a lot these days with your camera.

  7. wah dah boleh jadi paparazi nie.. ayoh wang tumpang gembira tengok gambor dan baca aktiviti cheqna

  8. Thomas,

    hehe, that's true, it seemed like that this past few weeks/months, and I'm enjoying it.


  9. Ayoh Wang,

    hehe..terima kasih, selagi my family/friends can bear with me and support me, I'm going to have fun with it.

    tapi this paparazi malu2 and conscious bila nak snap photos tu..haha..


  10. wait until the day when orang mungkin akan cakap begini pula.. 'hang buat apa la amik gambar tempurung kelapa tu, che na?' hehehehe

    enjoy this coming weekend cheqna..

  11. Emy,

    hahaha, btul btul btul, tukar selera bila dah puas ambik views.

    n ni agak2nya pengalaman Emy sendiri kot..hehe

    Tq fren, hope you'll enjoy yours too.


  12. Nice photos Cheqna...tak lama lagi jadi pro la tu..
    Seronoknya tgok org pegi holidays.
    I am stuck at home..hujang sokmo.Huhu..

  13. TK dear,

    ..stuck so that you can update your blog daily..hehe


  14. Pak Cik Al-Manar,

    different sceneries..hehe..dan lagipun jarang dapat ke pantai Terengganu.




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