Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Mango salad

Freshly picked mangoes from my friend's brother's house the other day:

As requested, they were I had the intention of making my favourite dish, mango salad :-)

My ingredients in making this:

Unripe mangoes, skin peeled and flesh shredded

Shallots, sliced and fried.

Green chili, sliced

Cashew nut and groundnut (fried without oil and pounded finely)

Dried shrimps, pounded finely

Lemon juice (or lime juice) - to taste

Salt - to taste

(Optional - can add little bit of sugar and olive oil)

(p/s - please don't ask for the exact recipe..I just threw everything in..hehe..)


Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well.

Happy eating!



lina@happy family said...

Thanks for this recipe, I'll try this!

TK said...

Salam dear! My favourite salad.
The unripe fresh mangoes nampak sgt menggiurkan..sedapnya makan dgn kicap and gula!
Hujang lebat ni! tak leh kuar rumah!! huhu!

Cheqna said...


Good luck, hope you'll like it too.


Cheqna said...

TK dear,

W'salam..huh kecur liur mention mangga, nyicoh kicap cili gula belacang..hehehe.

Hope tak banjir ur area..I nak balik KT pun KIV dulu. Sini hujang gok tiap2 hari, tp redah je gi jalan2..asal jangan stuck mana2..


ツ Bieaz ツ said... peberet!!

tgk mangga terus kecur.rasa nak buat esuk la hehe TQ

Cheqna said...


Last night I dah buat sekali lagi, sebekas besar and habis..hehe..

Enjoy yours!


M. Hakimi said...

Yang ni memang terbaik


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