Saturday, 29 October 2011

Down the memory lane : Kampung Hiliran

My weekends have been almost full (and hectic sometimes) since few months back, with priority given to the family..and that's why I was "found" again in K.T last weekend :-)

Last Sunday I was at Pasar Cabang Tiga buying some breakfast when one mak cik (auntie) who was selling the fried noodle asked me, "are you the sister of...(a name that I wasn't familiar with)?"

I looked at my nephew, Nazeem and replied to her..."err..I'm the daughter of..." to which Nazeem interrupted, "she knows Wan (grandma) la Che Na".


"so, which one are you,..haven't seen you before?", I was asked again.

"And you haven't visited your Tok's (grandparents) area for a long time have you?", she said.

"No I haven't..actually since they passed away a long time ago."

"You should"

"I know, I've been wanting to go there for a while..InsyaAllah I'll go there soon."

That evening I drove there, taking along my nephew and nieces where Cheqna's grandparents used to live, Kampung Hiliran :

Tok's and Tok Ki's house used to stand on this "empty" lot, opposite Tok Itam's house there.

And that's the water well where we used to take our bath etc..

(My nephew posted this photo in his album and his friend jokingly asked.."got (water) heater?"..haha..this modern kid. My nephew answered, yeah, the natural kind.., smart!)

Left over of the original tree.. (I was told by that 'mak cik' that the mango tree bore lots of fruits)

(The mango tree?)

But nowadays the "residents" of this land are :

This is the view that I could see from Tok's land now :

"Bukit Besar"


Budding photographers..most of the pictures taken that day were by them and Nazeem.

Thank you dears!

The little photographer's creativity:

they are only 7 and 4 years old..and have the confidence to do it, having fun with it as well... :-)

Meanwhile, Cheqna was busy chatting with the auntie from Pasar, who found us whilst we were trying to figure out which piece of land was Tok's..hehe..

oh btw, the noodle was yummy, simple but delicious that I had a repeat,

- sharing my niece's portion!..hehe..

Ok, enjoy this "Joget Ganu Kite" by IKLIM



ツ Bieaz ツ said...

Hahaha comelnya budak2 dah jdi photographer!! nice2 :)

Al-Manar said...

At least a simple phone call would do it.

absolutely emy said...

comel.. kecil2 dah pandai ambil gambar.. siap ada bokeh tu.. kena rajin hubungkan silaturahim yang kian pudar kan..


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