Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Date(s) after 5pm...

Nowadays I look forward to going back after work
and keeping my appointments
with my orange bike!


Today I'd cycled extra time and reached the 300km mark (after my last report)


and according to google map, I would have reached Kijal, Terengganu

where I could buy satar, otok-otok and lemang at the stalls before the Kijal town..hehe

(google image)

(google image)

But instead, after my imaginary ride I was in the kitchen making this :

~ meehoon soup

and chocolates!
[ TK ~ for your eyes only.. :) ]

Luckily part of the chocs will be packed away for a friend in return of her tupperware.

or my diet will go down the drain..hehe..



i amsterdam said...

Oranje mood !!! and suka satar !!!

Cheqna said...

I.A dear,

yup, searching for orange theme dress for the 30th..hehe.


thomas said...

love the otak2 the most.

Cheqna said...


I love most food from fish..hehe..

(err..teringat laksa Johor)


waliz said...

teringin nak rasa satar tu..tak penah.btw good luck..hope u reach thailand soon heheh

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Yelah kan? Dah penat2 kayuh basikal, naklah berhenti makan satar. Tambah sikit lagi, sampai bandar Chukai pulok, berhenti minum kpoi kat Hai Peng, then terus lagi ke atas..... suka hatilah Cheqna....asal bahagia. purrrr.....meow!

papabear said...

mee soup.. okay... chocolates.. aiyoo... all that riding ended up with chocs... :P

Cheqna said...


satar that I sometimes buy in KL kurang "umph", less ikan agaknya so I'd rather wait till balik kmpg to have it..hehe

thank u my fren, may be after that I'll cycle to N9 pulak ;-)

Cheqna said...

Cats dear,

leave me in peace to dreamzzz on my journey will ya..go and purrr somewhere else..

unless ur mama makes the arab rice then I'll head ur way!


Cheqna said...


so far so good, can avoid the temptation, still a lot in the bottles..

but it has only been less than 24 hours since I put it there..haha


kyle said...

wow, imaginasi yg hebat walaupun kayuh dlm umh, hehe....nk try gak :P

Cheqna said...


hehehe..try lah, ada "destinasi" baru bersemangat :-D

TK said...

Wah congratulation. Org ganu mmg hebat bab2 cycling ni.
The choc- for my eyes only? For my tummy jugakla..sedap tu!
Keep cycling dear. I am so lazy when it comes to exercising..Mmg salute u!
I so love satar and otak2 and so does my family in kb. Buah tangan wajib evrytime balik sana..My FIL suka sgt.. U r rite mana bole challenge sata original from Tganu.

Cheqna said...


ha ah kan..ni mesti semangat Anuar Manan and Azizul Hasni Awang..yea yea..

chocs have gone into many tummies over here, from my office to my sister's to a friend's house..hehe

Satar kat Pasar Cabang quite nice, mmm..now dah terasa nak betul2 makan satar..imagine je dah tak jalan..haha



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