Monday, February 21, 2011

Over the weekend.

Girlfriends' weekend.

Saturday : planned to go and see Rois and Nieza at Rois's place before they left for Umrah on Sunday. Instead, she invited me to have breakfast with them and Ayu, who's on transit from Bali (after her diving trip) to Kuantan.

(Nudibranch ~ photo from one of her diving trips)

So met them at nasi lemak stall in Kampung Baru (antarabangsa? not sure, it was my first time there..hehe)

Had a lovely hour before Ayu had to leave for her journey..

(and we went shopping at Jalan T.A.R)

The breakfast ~ Ayu's treat. TQ :-)

By now, I hope Rois and Nieza have reached Madinah safely, staying for a few days before going to Makkah..praying for a wonderful spiritual journey for them...amiin.


Sunday : Roha had "booked" :-) my Sunday lunch hour since last week as she'd coming down from Kedah for the weekend. I haven't see her for more than a year so I'd surely make the time.

She had arranged with another friend, Chom as well so we went for lunch at Middle Eastern restaurant at Jalan Ampang.

(this image from google)

Lunch : Chom's treat...TQ


Alhamdulillah for the treats/free meals, may they be blessed with more. wonder I'm on the winning streak...

3 - 0 now..hehe..

err...should say 4 b'cos for dinner I made this :




Note : Saturday ~ met a nice man who helped when I got lost (hehehe) in Setapak somewhere, at first he just gave directions to get to the main road, then (may be) b'cos he saw my  car plate number, with his motorbike he led the way out before turning back..

1) very nice of him. Hope all of us will continue to help each other out, doesn't matter what the race or gender.

2) Should always have my GPS..hehe

3) Good to use outstation car plate number when in KL / Selangor..(esp. for someone like me..haha)


  1. Cheqna is back on her eating streaks! purrrr....meow!

  2. Cats dear,

    btul,btul, worries me..

    and when I'm worried..."where's my snacks???"..



  3. wahhh makan lagi....yummy!!
    Bila nak diet nih hahahaha TAPI dah kena invited rugi plak tak gi kan kih3....

  4. Bie,

    haha..itulah risau dah ni..luckily baju masih muat, belum sendat.. :-)

    betul2..dah jemputan kan, tak kan nak hampakan harapan kawan, best friends pulak tu..hehe


  5. looks like a real busy weekend with enough time to even get lost,hah!hah!

  6. tu arr cian plak nak hampakan lagi2 bestfriend hehehe......

  7. Thomas,

    spot on..its part of d reason my weekend is short..hahaha...


  8. Bie,

    bestfriends susah cari..

    and at this rate, losing weight pun susah juga..hehe


  9. Naddy,

    yup, wowwiiii...I kena cari someone to makan for me lah..hehe


  10. so you ate a lot ha last weekends? me too hahaha... never leave home without your GPS... that's why we have it on one of our phones... :)

  11. OMG..meatball spaghetti for dinner? rajin memasak.
    Sikitnya spaghetti tu. Cukup ke???
    The fella who helped nice kan..
    Nasi lemak International tu I suka paru goreng dia je. Sedap lagi nasi lemak Tganu tau!

  12. yuhuu..cantik gambar nudibranch..^^

  13. Papabear,

    join d "eating" club! :)..and yes, may be I should, never know when I'd make turnings to nowhere..hehehe..


  14. TK,

    rajin memasak, rajin memakan.n dalam mangkuk tu untuk penggambaran je..hehehe.

    sama lah, I thot nasi lemak near my office also better, taste buds lain2 kan :-)..but of course, Trg ones lain dari yang lain...

    in fact sometimes nasi lemak yang harga sebungkus 50sen depan rumah my mum pun kadang2 sedap..but of course tak cukuplah sebungkus..haha


  15. Adlan S,

    my friend tu talented..gambar2 yang dia ambil memang cantik, and in a creative way...

    kadang2 nak tiru juga cara dia tp ambil gambar pun selalu blur, camana?



  16. adaoiya.. makan.. makan.. dan makan.. hahaha.. sungguh nikmat minggu itu.. tapi siksa sungguh masa nak turunkan semua kalori itu.. hahahaha



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